Falling For Fear (A Grim Awakening Book 4)
            WARNING 18 this book takes a much darker tone than the first three books This warning is here for a reason This is FEAR s book so you should already know what you re getting yourself into ENJOY This isn t a sweet romanceThis one s about villains and their selfish ways and how far one will go to get what they want.It s painful and ugly and wicked.But maybe the bad ones can be loved after all.I was his right hand ghost Now hes what I dread.Fear.I was his killer Now hes the guilt I carry.Ryan.Two completely different beings now stuck in one shared body thats known as a merge My ex boss, the human boy I killed, and me, the ghost girl who stained her soul to get an adult body.What could go right Nothing.What could go wrong Everything.Bad girls like me dont get happily ever afters things are going to get ugly so why is he making me want something beautiful Fear knew me He d weave his way into my mind and destroy me, like he did everything around him My mind was the only thing I had left Once that was gone, I wouldn t be able to bear the eons I had left to live.The story begins with a young women named Molly The thing is, she is a ghost Paying for her mistakes and living out her days in the Underworld Her one goal, finally being free from the Hellhole.Before the merge with Fear, Ryan was a good man Now not so much Let s just say he likes to get down and dirty He feeds off the fear of his victims, blood, death and destruction is his middle name.After meeting under terrible circumstances, Molly s day goes from bad to worse Waking up in Ryan s bed covered in the Fear s mark she is bonded to a REAPER.These two are total opposites, but even though they don t want to admit it they are perfect for one another Where one goes, the other follows Love is in the air.But Molly is hiding a big secret, one that could ruin what she and Ryan have If Ryan finds out, she is a dead woman.Will Molly be able make up for her past mistakes Will they have a happy ending or will they go up in flames Read to find out I had the honor to read Falling For Fear early, and this book by far is Michelle s best yet The undeniable chemistry between Molly and Ryan was electrifying I couldn t stop reading, I was so invested into this story I didn t want it to end And the little snippet on what is next to come..OH MY GOD..I NEED IT NOW 4.5 Fearful Stars I was generously provided a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.I was honored to be able to proof read all of this series which gave me a chance to read this spectacular series I have followed Melanie, Killian, and Ryan through 3 books and in this 4thwe get such a wonderful story of Ryan and his battle with being Fear.Now, grab a clean pair of panties before you start this onebecause the sexual tension, and the steamy scenes will have you fidgeting in your seat.The only bad thing about this book is that it is the end. Loved it She really kept up expectations, as far as being as good as the others A great read that keeps you hooked from the beginning and makes you sad once you ve finished reading it.

  • Paperback
  • 220 pages
  • Falling For Fear (A Grim Awakening Book 4)
  • Michelle Gross
  • English
  • 10 July 2019

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