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Living the Spirit-Formed Life: Growing in the 10 Principles of Spirit-Filled Discipleship Another teaching book by Jack Hayford Excellent, Excellent book. In Our Instant Gratification Culture, We Consume A Fleeting, Shallow Diet Of Media, Relationships, Entertainment, And Spirituality Our Souls Go Hungry, Longing For A Fuller, Satisfying Life Best Selling Author And Beloved Pastor Jack Hayford Shows, In What Has Become A Modern Day Classic, How We Can Feed Our Deepest Places With The Sustaining Bread Of Life With Warmth And Wisdom, He Reveals How We Can Link Our Souls To Timeless Practices And Principles Set Forth In Scripture He Invites You To Rediscover The Power And Blessing Of These Spiritual Disciplines Of True Spirit Fullness Even , He Shows How These Spiritual Disciplines Are Relevant For Today And How We Can Practice Them In Our Quick Paced, Surface Level Culture When We Take Time To Fast And Pray, Worship Daily, Feed On God S Word, And , We Fully Enter The Rich Adventure Of Becoming An Effective Disciple Of Christ Ensuring That Our Souls Will Never Go Hungry Pastor Jack Hayford known to many of us as the writer of Majesty clearly explains many of the vital disciplines of what it means to be transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit Having pastored the same church for almost half a century, Pastor Jack knows intimately of what he speaks writes.The chapters on giving, forgiving, and fasting are some of the best ever written anywhere by anyone The theme of discipleship using the Twelve chosen by the Lord Himself only magnifies how much the Father loves His children, and how committed He is to our growth.This wonderful book makes a magnificent gift for ALL CHRISTIANS Yes, Pastor Hayford is indeed a thinking man s Pentecostal preacher but he is so much He is a warm, gracious shepherd reflecting the heart of the Great Shepherd..our Lord Jesus Get this book Phil HooverChicago Sound doctrine and clarity is what I am always after in order for new disciples to develop a good foundation for their life Discipleship is my heart and this book gives me an excellent basic Biblical source to use in making disciples of Jesus Christ. Besides the Bible itself this is probably the most important book I have ever read I took 46 pages of notes From the start to the literal last line in the book, I was fed Jack Hayford has a way of explaining biblical truths like no other I absolutely loved this book It is one that will stay in the library and be read multiple times. Discipleship is a hot topic in the evangelical church In this book, Charismatic Pentecostal pastor Jack Hayford gives what he sees as ten disciplines that are indespensible to Christian growth This followed by ten chapters on the discipline of prayer and the role of faith.As a writer, Hayford is very readable It seems he is most strong when he is sharing his own struggles and points of growth He is balanced and always interesting He always stresses the role of the holy Spirit, and how that interacts with the rsponsibility of the disciple This is very needed today and fill an important void in the literature over this topic.My only problem is that the books content is spotty Some chapters are wonderful Committing to hear God s Voice, Living in the Spirit of Forgiveness Others are somewhat shallow Feeding on the Word of God The chapters on prayer are stronger than the chapters on the ten disciplines Still, never is it a wasted read In reading this book you will only be encouraged to grow by and in the Spirit A worthy book with some real strengths, but there are also some well known books that cover some of this material at a deeper level.

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