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Home Cleaning: How to Clean Your House Like a Pro House Cleaning Is One Of The Most Tiring, And Oftentimes Tedious Chores, Especially If You Live In A Rather Large Domicile Most Of The Time, Just Cleaning One Room In The House Will Take An Entire Day, Which Is Why Many People Will Put The Chore Off For Another Day, Leading To Garbage And Dirt Piling Up Fortunately, You Have Your Choice Of Life Hacks That Will Make Cleaning A Whole Lot Easier, And Maybe Even Make It Enjoyable Life Hacks Are Meant To Make Your Chores Easier By Offering You Unorthodox Methods That You Might Not Even Have Thought About Most People Are Used To Doing Things The Old Fashioned Way They Never Thought About Doing Things Differently They Don T Want To Think Outside The Box Thankfully, Plenty Of Creative Individuals Chose To Think Of Different Ways To Make Household Chores Easier The Tips That You Will Find In This Audiobook Will Cover Almost Every Part Of Your House, And If You Choose To Use Them, You Ll Realize That You Will Not Just Save Time And Effort, But Also A Good Chunk Of Change After You Finish Listening To This Audiobook, You Will Hopefully Feel Re Energized To Tackle All Your Cleaning Tasks Because You Want To Try All These Creative Ideas For Yourself Who Knows You Might Even Come Up With A Couple Of Life Hacks Of Your Own And Share Them With Others

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    This book provides a lot of practical hacks which will help you clean your house effectively and rather quickly The information provided by the author is well structured, succinct, and easy to understand, so you ll surely have no problems following each step Definitely recommended

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    A few really good ideas using natural products I m trying to rid my home of all the chemicals and return to a natural approach to cleaning.

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    Basic good for someone with no experience but no gems for someone seeking ah ah s or great tips tricks or lesser known time savers

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    Good tips

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