Zero To Booked: Take Your Portrait And Wedding Photography

Zero To Booked: Take Your Portrait And Wedding Photography Business From Struggling To Successful By Focusing On The Clients You Love Are you a portrait or wedding photographer If so, you know that getting your name out there and finding good clients is a lotdifficult than you first thoughtThe Internet seems perfect for marketing your photography, but most portrait and wedding photographers struggle like crazy to find enough clients, and certainly not enough to make a dependable living from their cameraAlmost every photographer I talk to says the same things There are too many cheap photographers in my area who get all the work I need to figure out how to reachpeople Writing my blog or any marketing is a real struggle for me People don t value what I do, and I don t know how to change that Everything I ve tried so far hasn t workedWorse still You know you re great at what you do, and you turn out amazing photographs for your clients every time without fail The clients you do have love what you did for them, so why is it so hard to findlike them You have a good website with strong galleries, and slideshows with your best images to show people what you can do You made it easy for people to get in touch with you, but very few doAs far as you know, you ve done everything right The few people you talk with tell you they love your work, but they end up hiring someone cheaperIf any of this sounds familiar, Zero To Booked is for youI show you exactly why business is so tough right now for most portrait and wedding photographers, and what you must do instead to market yourself and your amazing work to grow your businessThis book was written for photographers of all levels who want to build a family of happy clients who love what they doIt s for people like you who want to grow and build a loyal clientele instead of wasting time wondering where the next client will come fromAs a photography marketing coach, I ve helped hundreds of professional photographers over the lastyears The tips and strategies in this book are distilled from thousands of hours of hands on experience, brought together in one convenient place for the first timeIf you re tired of the same old normal marketing and sales strategies failing day after day, you ll be thrilled to discover an entirely new, but simple, way to reachof your ideal clients and turn them into leads and customersAs you go through the simple steps I share in this book, you ll discover Why most photographers marketing misses the target How to communicate your photographer story Choosing your business model Crafting the client experience How to identify your ideal clients Turning what you know about your clients into effective marketing Writing made simple for professional photographers The complete Zero To Booked lead generation system How to deal with email enquiries The art of talking to prospects on the telephone How to use in person consultations to get paying clients And a whole lot If you follow what you learn in this book, you ll focus less on struggling to get your name out there, andon creating your amazing photographs for your clients to enjoy for a lifetime

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