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Summary: Eat That Frog! by Brian Tracy Great book to get yourself organized and get your priorities straight There really is some great advice and exercises in this book to get you on track I was struggling with finding the time to work on my personal art projects and this was the kick in the butt I needed to get moving. Eat That Frog Is An Audiobook Written By Brian Tracy In This Audiobook, The Author Gives Practical Suggestions On How To Be Productive The Most Significant Thing About This Audiobook Is The Author S Emphasis On Writing Down Goals, Because Writing Down Our Goals Will Have A Strong Impact On Us The Name Of The Audiobook Comes From Tracy S Advice That Before We Start Doing Anything, We Should Eat The Ugliest Frogs First That Has Nothing To Do With Eating Real Frogs Fortunately It Refers To Doing The Hardest Tasks First When A Person Chooses To Do The Difficult Thing That Need To Be Done And Then Finishes The Task, This Is A Sign Of A High Performing Individual The Audiobook Is Divided Into Chapters, Each Addressing One Part Of The Main Subject In This Summary, We Will Cover As Much Of The Material As Possible, Giving Our Listeners The Best Possible Idea Of What The Author Is Trying To Say Brian Tracy Uses The Analogy Of The Frog To Emphasize The Importance Of Setting Clear Priorities, And Completing Essential And Sometimes Undesirable Tasks He Reiterates Mark Twain S Philosophy On Frog Eating When The First Thing You Do In The Morning Is Eat A Live Frog, You Master The Courage To Face The Day, Because That Is Probably The Worst Thing You Re Ever Going To Do If You Must Eat A Frog, Sitting And Looking At It For Very Long Will Only Make The Experience Worse If You Have To Eat Two Frogs, Start With The Ugliest Well organized and easily digestible Extraordinary data on the most proficient method to prevail throughout everyday life.Time all around spent while hanging tight for a plane or in the middle of arrangements.Great creation from the author. The summary of this book, in essence, captures the main message of the author A must read for anyone who needs help in getting things done.

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