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The Art of the Donald: Lessons from America's Philosopher President This book certainly held my attention Even if you are not a Donald Trump fan, you certainly learn a lot about how he thinks Great bookenjoy. Motivational Self Help Advice From President Donald Trump, Covering Everything From Leadership And Self Confidence To How To Succeed In Business President Donald Trump Knows About Living The Good Life And Achieving Success With His Election To The Presidency, He Added To A Life That Already Includes Billions Of Dollars, Worldwide Celebrity, And A Beautiful Family, Despite Legions Of Haters In The Art Of The Donald, Daily Caller News Foundation Editor In Chief Christopher Bedford Takes You Inside The New President S Unorthodox Mind, Unlocking The Genius Of His Approach To Everything In Life And Offering You Insight Into Navigating Life The Trump Way Featuring Personal Campaign Trail Anecdotes And Lessons From Trump S Long Career As A Businessman And Politician, The Art Of The Donald Offers You Life Changing Pieces Of Advice, Including Keeping Your Message Simple And Delivering It Effectively Using Competition To Govern Yourself And Chaos To Confuse Your Opponents Cutting Out The Middlemen And Getting Directly To The Deal Makers Redefining Conflicts And Transactions On Your Own Terms Solving Problems With Ingenuity Instead Of Money Believing In Yourself No Matter What Your Opponents Try To Say Written In The Style Of Sun Tzu S The Art Of War And The Tao Of Warren Buffett, This Is A Must Listen For Every Trump Fan And Even The Haters Great read Glad I bought it I am an unbiased reader and thats the difference in my appreciating this book objectivity Very well written and quite compelling Chris Bedford did an absolutely tremendous job distilling what makes Trump Trump Bonus points for using the best words YUGE success. Some keen insights on President Trump s life and Presidential campaign, but needed an editor tor take out repeated anecdotes, fun to read for political junkies I highly recommend this book, by highly praised journalist Christopher Bedford, which explores the tactics and strategies one should take, like President Donald Trump, so that some one can also achieve greatness in their professional and private life in addition to one s dealings with the media In this sense this book in my opinion is a great work of real art Having met President Trump, if you want to understand him then read this book.its brilliant Trump is always 2 steps ahead of everyone, has an instinct about people and he s not often wrong, which will annoy all his haters, especially the media if you do hate Trump, then you will hate this book and end up hating yourself because you will see that Trump is actually a genius..well done Mr Bedford

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