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The First Five Pages: A Writer's Guide to Staying Out of the Rejection Pile Whether You Are A Novice Writer Or A Veteran Who Has Already Had Your Work Published, Rejection Is Often A Frustrating Reality Literary Agents And Editors Receive And Reject Hundreds Of Manuscripts Each Month While It S The Job Of These Publishing Professionals To Be Discriminating, It S The Job Of The Writer To Produce A Manuscript That Immediately Stands Out Among The Vast Competition And Those Outstanding Qualities, Says New York Literary Agent Noah Lukeman, Have To Be Apparent From The First Five Pages The First Five Pages Reveals The Necessary Elements Of Good Writing, Whether It Be Fiction, Nonfiction, Journalism, Or Poetry, And Points Out Errors To Be Avoided

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    This is a useful guide for revising the beginning of a novel manuscript The advice is good, inspiring and practical.I would advise to complete your whole draft first, otherwise you ll fall into the trap of many new writers, getting so overwhelmed with the need to perfect that opening that you never actually write the rest But once you have the rough draft on paper, it s time to choose where and how to begin and to craft that

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    I think this is one of the better improve your writing skills type of book Although the title of this book refers to the first five pages, the techniques shown should be used from the first to last chapter when writing a novel.It s aimed towards the novelist as opposed to the non fiction writer.The other reviews I ve read seem to feel this book is negative in that it makes it very clear how difficult it is to attract the int

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    This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly It should be thrown with great force Dorothy ParkerHaving been doggedly customer reviewing for over a decade, I ve received my fair share of solicitations to review terrible self published novels.It takes unquestionable intellectual ability and focus to turn out 200 pages of uninterrupted prose it is certainly beyond me I ve tried on many occasions and always given up, hence I sti

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