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Tiger Shrimp Tango (A Serge Storms Adventure Book 16) This is book 17 in the Serge Storms series If you have not read the others, shame on you Do so ASAP.Regardless, this is a stand alone novel You can read it without having read other Serge books and will only miss out a little because you will not know some of the reoccurring characters You should read this if you wantTo read how an ostrich can killTo see how Mentos are a dangerous weaponTo see how cigars can killTo see how a lobster can killTo see how home made napalm can be usedTo learn why Glee is a superb showTo learn why the Democrats and Republicans would both not want Jesus to run for office,Etc Etc Etc.This book is hilarious, loaded with Florida trivia, hilarious, a story of scammers defeated and,did I mention, hilarious Read it Read it Read it I had not read Tim Dorsey for a number of years, but was looking for something light and funny, so sought out his latest book I remembered him as being of the same school as Carl Hiaasen One of us has changed a lot, but I am not sure which of us it is I found Tiger Shrimp Tango seriously unfunny, and really rather unpleasant, with a lot of gratuitous violence and unfunny deaths I also found many of the cultural references obscure and meaningless I read many American novels and never have trouble picturing a scene However, in this case, many scenes simply did not make sense to me.Maybe this book is just for a small devoted group of Dorsey fans I doubt whether it will resonate with a broader international market. Serge A Storms is on good form in this book Another Dorsey Classic with Serge and Colman on another mission. Of course you have to enjoy Tim Dorsey to appreciate his books Some are better than others, but the tie In s as the Serge stories progress or regress are something to pay close attention to or you miss half the fun.I always prepay for Tim Dorsey and then forget about the date Then I am pleasantly surprised when I get an email stating the book has been downloaded to my Kindle.Like I stated before, you have to be a fan to enjoy and give high marks, otherwise you re a critic and you should not be reviewing these books.I don t know what stream of consciousness is necessary to write this stuff and I don t know how much longer he can keep it up, but let s hope for a long while. Fair warning hero Serge is one of my favorite characters, warped as he is Timid people who find violence and bloody but funny ends repugnant shouldn t even attempt the series.If you ve read Tim Dorsey s other books, you know what to expect A hero with an inscrutable, capricious mind who s a tad ADD and OCD and crazy to boot a loyal, goodnatured sidekick who s either passed out or high on something all the time and lots of violence directed toward villains who deserve the worst fates And often get them And how Yes, Serge is lethal to crooks, whether on or off his meds And in this story, when he teams up with a kookie private detective, someone s bound to get hurt Hopefully, it will be the ones perpetrating the scams bilking innocent people out of their retirement savings But occasionally, another disgusting criminal shows up and gets his, too.With friend Coleman following tipsily behind with his new pet mouse , Serge leads us on another wacky crimimal hunt, seeking to avenge the average crime victim while pointing out tidbits of Florida history and scenery most people never knew or noticed And maybe didn t even want to hear about.But I digress Not to spoil the story ending, I ll tell you the mouse does survive.I never thought I d laugh so much at a serial killer s antics If black humor s your thing and you don t mind blood and gore, give Serge a chance But start with the first book in the series They re better that way.Good read. Hard to find anything new to say about this series The fact that it s going strong after 19 volumes, says a lot in itself I rarely stick with a series for than 3 or 4 Even though they are somewhat formulaic and some might be deemed better than others depending on the deemer there isn t one of them that doesn t have something in it that makes it worth reading Even though this one is a little weak in the beginning it takes off like a rocket shortly thereafter My favorite part, although it s all a brilliant, mind boggling riot, was the porn movies I think people tend to forget that the man behind Serge, who I consider to be the most brilliantly drawn character in all of fiction and I have read plenty can t be anything short of a genius The books being so wacky, I wonder if people truly realize how awesome, in the true sense of the word, Dorsey really is No wonder women chase him around Florida who wouldn t give anything just to talk to him for a few minutes No worries Tim, I m poor and live far away, therefore, content to worship from afar. Tim Dorsey draws frequent comparisons to other Florida centric crime thriller novelists, most often Carl Hiaasen, due to the wacky characters and plots which, both authors assure us, are essentially ripped from the daily headlines in Florida Of all the Serge Storms books, I think Tiger Shrimp Tango may be the one most similar to the early Hiaasen books and that definitely is a compliment and a recommendation to read this book This is a great story that is hard to put down. Good deal Thanks To The Internet, America Has Become A Playground For Ruthless Scam Artists Out To Make An Easy Buck And Where Do These Models Of Entrepreneurship Hail From Why, The Sunshine State Of Course No One Loves Florida , Or Can Keep It Safe From Invasive Criminal Species Better Than Self Appointed Sunshine Sheriff Serge Storms When A Particular Scam Leads To The Death Of A Few Innocents And A Young Womans Disappearance, Serge And His Perpetually Self Bent Sidekick Coleman Aided By His New Pal, Latter Day Noir Private Eye Mahoney Load Up The Car For A Riotous Road Trip To Do RightPacked With Seafood, Mayhem, Blood, Colemans Deep Thoughts, Floridian Lore, And , Tiger Shrimp Tango Is A Hilarious Adventure Set In Tim Dorsey S Unique Slice Of America Where Nobody Gets Out Unscathed And Untanned What People Are Saying About Serge Storms Over The Top, Off The Wall, Too Much Is Never Enough, Florida Insanity Was Never Described So Authentically And With Such EnthusiasmHumor Really Doesn T Get Better Than This Dorsey Has A Style All To His Own That Is Simply Not Replicated AnywhereSerge And Coleman Are A Match Made In Heaven AndI Am Still Laughing Truly A Great Readand I Can T Wait To Delve Into Of Dorsey S WorkThis IsPulp Fiction On Steroids With An Acid Tab Chaser There Is Insanity On Every Page And Every Page Is A Good Time Twists And Turns, Andsome Of The Most Creative Homicidal Mayhem I Have Ever Read For Pure Pleasure And Entertainmentyou Just Can T Beat The Maniacal Style Of The Serge Storm SeriesEditorial Reviews Hilarious Serge Storms Is, Hands Down,one Of The Most Original And Just Plain Captivating Charactersin Modern Crime FictionBooklistEntertaining Funny Irreverent And Loving At The Same Time Dorsey Leaves The Reader Gasping For BreathWashington Post Book WorldThe Characters In Tim Dorseysraucous Novelwould Be Shot On Sight In Any Other StateThe New York Times Book ReviewExcellent I Almost Exploded With Laughteras I Read Dorseys Novel Its Manic, Hysterical, And Puts Dorsey Well Up There With The Cream Of Comic Writers Who Seem To Have Made Florida The Centre For Satirizing America In The St CenturyIndependentTwisted Hilarity A Compelling Page Turner Tim Dorsey Is One Sick BunnyBelfast News Letter

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Tiger Shrimp Tango (A Serge Storms Adventure Book 16) book, this is one of the most wanted Tim Dorsey author readers around the world.

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