Sunny Side Up: A Story of Kindness and Joy (Audio

Sunny Side Up: A Story of Kindness and Joy (Audio Download): Susan Calman, Susan Calman, Two Roads: Audible Audiobooks In which Susan Calman puts forth her argument for putting joy in yours and other people s lives It s a timely message that the world might be a bit less miserable if people cared for their surroundings Community Action Calman made me smile and for each other lots of rather lovely examples of spontaneous kindness from the audiences for her standup shows.There is also a fair bit about her time on Strictly Come Dancing and her dance partner Kevin The experience seems to have done wonders for Susan s self confidence and happiness and is an amusing and platonic love story between a lesbian and the man from Grimsby I must confess to a slight bias here as I like a lot of things that Susan also likes, such as cats, dancing and the previously mentioned Kevin, but the stories she tells simply confirm our good taste.Those who know her comedy from Radio 4 will be able to hear Susan s voice clearly throughout, the book is written in her dry, laconic style I ve always enjoyed her comedy, it s thoughtful and slightly sardonic, not going for the belly laugh, but it makes you think.Cynics won t like it, but if you are a grumpy git and want to make your life a bit happier you could do worse than follow her advice. The second of Susan s books is as good or maybe even better than her first I m quite a shy and retiring person, but I have decided that in the unlikely event that I ever see her across the street I am going to do something totally out of character and rush over, give her a big hug, and tell her how wonderful she is How she would react I don t know, but I hope it would make her day in the same way that reading her books, and seeing her on TV or hearing her on the radio inevitably makes mine. I read Susan Calman s first book and enjoyed it, so I was pretty confident that I d like this too I was right It s an absolute joy and it made me very happy I think it might make you happy too. Wow I m loving it so far Comedian and broadcaster Susan Calman danced her way across our screens and into our hearts forweeks on Strictly Come Dancing , but how did this ability to find joy change her life Susan Calman s enthusiasm at being on Strictly Come Dancing was an inspiration to all of us Cheer Up Love, Susan s first book, had a clear aim to help people understand depression Sunny Side Up has a similarly clear path to persuade people to be kinder to each other and spread joy These are extremely difficult and confusing times people are cross and shouty It s exhausting But than anything, people like Susan, people who don t hate other people, are apologising for the way that they think Susan wants to make sure that they don t That it s okay to love people, that kindness is something wonderful and brilliant and to bring on the joy So the mission is simple To get the nation to join her in not being negative To bring back joy, kindness and community, to find that joy in the little things in life and defeat the hate and fear Susan is a one woman army of hope and joy, and she s ready to lead the nation in a different direction A wonderful book, full of humour and positivity, but not schmaltzy in the least just good, solid, fabulous writing, a wry wit and sharp observations I want to live nextdoor to Community Action Calman Thoughtful, thought provoking, helpful and funny An intriguing look at how we go about our lives and whether being kinder will help the world be a better place It begins here What a lovely cardigan Susan is right If people were kinder the world would be a better place Much of what she says resonates with me and even though I m nothing like her I can relate to so much in this book It s funny, honest and thought provoking all at the same time I enjoyed reading it very much.

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Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Sunny Side Up: A Story of Kindness and Joy Audio Download: Susan Calman, Susan Calman, Two Roads: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted Susan Calman author readers around the world.

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