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How to Argue with a Cat: A Human's Guide to the Art of Persuasion Learn the secrets of getting your own way cat style.Beautifully illustrated throughout with cats full of character Well written and amusing I chuckled aloud while reading this book on the underground and then missed my stop , a really lovely book. Praise For Thank You For Arguing Thankfully, Mr Jay Heinrichs Is Here, To Explain How Rhetoric Can Help You Win In Life, And Generally Have A Harmonious Relationship With People Around You Mr Porter Clever, Passionate, Erudite Publishers Weekly Jay Heinrichs Knows A Thing Or Two About Arguing The Times An Excellent Book About How To Win Arguments, Full Of Brilliant Examples Sharp And Well Argued Evening Standard If You Want To Win People Over, This Book Will Help You Succeed Independent Colorful, Instructive, Illuminating A Romp Through The Rules Of Rhetoric G Uardian Packed With Humor, Tips And Anecdotes To Help You Get What You Want Good Book GuideJAY HEINRICHS Is The New York Times Bestselling Author Of Thank You For Arguing Who Spent Years As A Writer, Editor, And Magazine Publishing Executive Before Becoming A Full Time Advocate For The Lost Art Of Rhetoric He Now Lectures Widely On The Subject, To Audiences Ranging From Ivy League Students And NASA Scientists To Southwest Airlines Executives, And Runs The Language Blog Figarospeech He Lives With His Wife And Their Cats In New Hampshire NATALIE PALMER SUTTON Is An Art Director, Illustrator, Editor, Animator, Artist, Designer And Sometimes Writer Who Lives With Her Lovely Husband And Lovely Children In Buckhurst Hill, England Brilliantly written with illustrations that made me smile Loved this book It has some really useful tips on dealing with people I had a few difficult ones in mind while reading it and is written in a fun way.Would be a great gift for anyone needing a confidence boost Good for the older school child too. After buying the book and readi it, ordered two for my best friends absolutely brilliant book, great advice and funny way of writing. If you love cats and other humans you ll enjoy this book Well written and great artistry, with a good insight into cat and human behaviour. Unlike most other self help books I ve read, that launch into rhetoric, checklists and how they are much superior to other self help books, this one is a perfect mix of humour and advice.I really like the cat comparisons Having being brought up with lots of cats when I was younger, I could totally relate to them. I have started this book with enthusiasm, for I like books on how to make good arguments and thought cats element would be something I could relate to Many times I was disappointed at what I was reading, finding the examples too simple or not realistic at all I enjoyed some parts, when different fallacies are introduced, but then the examples were not clear enough I need to revert to other sources to clarify post hoc fallacy and fallacy of the antecedent Overall, not a disaster, but on the other hand, cannot go beyond average satisfaction. Loved this book It s a great introduction to persuasion with great techniques to try out on people Lovely illustrations would make a great gift for anyone, especially cat lovers Made me smile

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