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Building a New House: Mother & Daughter This is a great book that helps you in the process of building a new house It discusses locations, materials, the money, the right neighborhood and how to find the right architect The architects who wrote this book have different styles which work well together and they discuss all the necessary requirements needed to start It is helpful, informative and gives fantastic ideas A definite must have and helpful resource. If You Re Considering Building A New House, You Ll Want To Listen To This First You Re About To Discover How To Successfully Navigate The Planning, Design, Permitting, Bidding, Contract Signing, And Construction Process This Book Was Written By Two Licensed Architects, Mother And Daughter, With Years Of Varied Experience In Residential Construction On Opposite Sides Of The Country We Will Demystify The Entire Process, And Help You Become Comfortable With What S Ahead In Order To Avoid Common Mistakes That Can Cost Big Bucks During Construction Ordered book month ago still waiting on ordered now 2 books not recieved Total waste of money Very skimpy, no pictures, loads of blank pages to make it seem bigger Don t buy their book and certainly don t get them to design your house. Purchased in error Book not suitable for UK England building process.BPurchased in error Book no relevant for UK British building process. Bought this for my parents and they love the simplicity of it

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