Capsule Craze: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your

Capsule Craze: The Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe I have been looking for a simple guide to help create a capsule wardrobe for some time now This book hits the nail on the head It does not only talk about the how to but also about the why too It is filled to the brim with examples that add realism and ideas to the step by step guide that the book provides, and it makes sure to consider people in many different positions in life This book has inspired me to start looking over my closet as soon as I have finished this review I think that says all you need to know about it Eva LazarThis ebook has a little bit of everything fashion related The main topic is about capsule wardrobes history, benefits, steps how tos, shopping tips, travel packing Also included are some unusual topics such as capsules for kids and for theyears oldThere is also a brief discussion about body types and uniform clothingI find their questions to ask yourself list truly useful For example, when packing for a trip, they gave five questions to ask yourself when packing What do I want to wear on the plane boat , Do I have something in case I get cold hot it rains It is helpful to have a guide like this when doing the actual packingI love the topic about transition pieces Day to night and spring to summer The weather has been crazy the past seasons, and it is wonderful to have ideas how to re use clothes I already have from one season to the nextThe practical book on the capsule wardrobe lifestyle MariaShellyn ChuaCapsule Craze by Rebecca Ellington guides readers on a trend that began in London in the s, having been inspired by Susie Faux The trend was later picked up and popularized by Donna Karan, an American designer who is known for having introduced the concept to the western world Rebecca Ellington not only explores the history of capsule wardrobes, but also delves into their benefits, structure, and the inspiration behind the concept She also guides readers on how to shop for clothes that best fit a persons style while avoiding common mistakes made by shoppers, how to correctly pair clothes with body shape, and also what to pack for a trip From seasons to age, Rebecca Ellington covers the topic of capsule wardrobes wonderfully and comprehensively, which makes her work stand out from other books on the topicInformative, eye opening, and inspiring, Capsule Craze by Rebecca Ellington is a book that is truly enlightening The advice contained in the book is well researched and,importantly, really practical I found the information in Capsule Craze very useful and I will soon be implementing some of Rebecca Ellingtons advice Anyone who has trouble deciding on what outfit to wear, or who wants to make a statement about their personal style through their dressing while enjoying the perks of capsule wardrobes, should definitely read this book Capsule Craze by Rebecca Ellington is well researched and contains invaluable advice The book is highly recommended to all readers who are curious about capsule wardrobes and want to learnabout how to build one Edith Wairimu for Readers FavoriteHi there My names Rebecca Ellington, and Im so thrilled to introduce you to Capsule Craze A Comprehensive Guide to Building Your Own Capsule Wardrobe If youre anything like me, at least once in your life youve found yourself looking into your closet bursting with clothes of different shapes, sizes, and colors only to find yourself thinking that you somehow have nothing to wear out that day Thefrequently I found myself feeling that way, thestressed out I was becoming Going to the mall started to feel like a chore and keeping up with the ever revolving door of fashion trends was enough to drive me batty Who even has the time to sift through drawers and drawers of clothing when theres so much other work to be done in the day Not me When I first heard about the Capsule Wardrobe concept as I was traveling through Europe, I felt like a weight had been lifted and I was finally being heard Someone else understood the headaches are heartaches of this seemingly never ending problem, and it was so simple to solve I almost felt foolish that I hadn t thought of it sooner Less isthat s the mantra of the Capsule Wardrobe movement Ever since I adopted aminimalist lifestyle, Im happier, confident I even havemoney in my bank account to spend on things that really matter, like spendingtime with my family and friends If that sounds like something youd like to bring into your life, look no further than this book

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