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Blacksmithing: The Ultimate Guide to Blacksmithing This Is The Ultimate Guide With Three Audiobooks About Blacksmithing Projects, History, Definitions, Step By Step Tutorials, And Much A Unique Combo With Oceans Of Information Here Are The Three Audiobooks, With Each Their Own Special Content Book The Basics Are All Explained In This Easy Guide For The Beginner Who Is Looking For A New Hobby Or Passion Blacksmithing Is A Lot Of Fun, And The Ancient Trade Hasn T Been Lost To Those Who Are Interested In It Learn, Among Others Which Materials To Use, And Which Not To Use Fundamentals, Techniques, And Tips To Perfect The Skills All About Connecting Metals, Hardening, Tempering, And Chiseling The Difference Between Hot And Cold Chisels And How To Apply Them Hammer Tips, As Well As Anvil, Tongs, And Other Materials To Master And Understand Safety Precautions For The Careful Handicraft Person Book If You Re Looking For Information About Blacksmithing, Projects, And The History Of Blacksmithing, You Re At The Right Place You Might Already Know What Blacksmithing Is, Or You Have Started Some Things In The Past Here Is A Guide That Will Take You To The Next Level You Ll Hear, For Example Where The Name, The Trade, And Other Aspects Of Blacksmithing Come From How To Weld And Forge Weld Materials, Tools, And Other Things You Should Use To Accomplish Your Blacksmithing Goals Olet Fitting Types And Applications Six Steps To Make A Sword Specifics About Silversmithing, Platinum Rings, And Forging Japanese Swords Book With The Rise Of The Internet, The Global Community, And The Means Of Transportation And Technology, How Is One To Stand Out Among The Crowds And Start A Blacksmithing Business From Scratch I Won T Tell You That It S Easy, But It S Perfectly Possible For Those Who Put Some Effort Into Specific Research Targeted At Customers Who Are Into Those Things In This Guide, You Ll Hear To Start Off, We Ll Talk About Forged Round Bars Then, We Talk About How To Create A Business Out Of Your DIY Blacksmithing Projects After That, We Ll Go Over Platforms Such As Facebook, Etsy, YouTube, And Ads We Ll Discuss How To Maximize Profits And Efficiency In Your Shop And Your Business We Ll Finish Up With Some Extra Information About Metal Railing, D Steel, And Hard Cutting Tool Materials Curious Yet Then Don T Wait And Start Listening, So You Don T Have To Remain In The Dark Save Yourself The Time, And Learn From What Worked For Me I Will See You In The First Chapter This review is not based off personal experience as I bought it as a gift for my father in law However, he loved it He started reading it right away and it made him even motivated and excited about starting this new hobby I would reccomendstions this for anyone who may be interested in blacksmithing He enjoyed it and said it was a great gift and read. good read, a little generic than I figured Lacks any real detail or instructions Many of the details it does have are wrong or not relevant to blacksmithing.

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