Ben Baker's Festive Double Issue: Forty Years Of Christmas

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Ben Baker's Festive Double Issue: Forty Years Of Christmas TV Christmas invariably means excess be it through food, drink or television Whether it s Morecambe and Wise recreating Singin In The Rain, the Trotters dressed as the Dynamic Duo or EastEnders running over a baby for light relief, TV is our very pal throughout the entire turkey and tinsel period This book pays tribute to forty years of festive programmes with overviewed and reviewed in mini essays by Ben BakerAlongside the classics there s the likes of Kid Creoles strange post watershed musical about racism, Roland Rat going to Switzerland, Skeletor learning the true meaning of Christmas, Doctor Who s original spin off, The Bee Gees teaming up with Frankie Howerd for a medieval comedy and Feargal Sharkey having a nightmare on a Concorde whilst the Krankies watch on in helpless bemusement high above the Telecom Tower Plus much muchBen Bakers Festive Double Issue takes us back to the simpler times before the boom of multi channel TV, covering the forty year period fromtowhen Christmas TV was truly a shared national experienceBaker writes wittily but informatively throughout This is a subject that he obviously knows a great deal about but what shines through is a love for the subject Although at times hes slightly irreverent about the programmes hes covering, theres still a deep love for the subject matter Simon Hart, We Are Cult Specialist book perhaps could have done with some images. An encyclopedic look at British Christmas TV over the years However, this is not a straightlaced reference work, there s a humorous touch to all of the entries, covering over 250 programs spanning 40 years, from the well known to the largely forgotten in some cases, justly.Like many of Ben s books, there s tremendous detail packed into small essays, suiting the casual and devoted reader alike.