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Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life When Barbara Kingsolver And Her Family Move From Suburban Arizona To Rural Appalachia, They Take On A New Challenge To Spend A Year On A Locally Produced Diet, Paying Close Attention To The Provenance Of All They Consume Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Follows The Family Through The First Year Of Their Experiment They Find Themselves Eager To Move Away From The Typical Food Scenario Of American Families A Refrigerator Packed With Processed, Factory Farmed Foods Transported Long Distances Using Nonrenewable Fuels In Their Search For Another Way To Eat And Live, They Begin To Recover What Kingsolver Considers Our Nation S Lost Appreciation For Farms And The Natural Processes Of Food Production Americans Spend Less Of Their Income On Food Than Has Any Culture In The History Of The World, But They Pay Dearly In Other Ways Losing The Flavors, Diversity, And Creative Food Cultures Of Earlier Times The Environmental Costs Are Also High, And The Nutritional Sacrifice Is Undeniable On Our Modern Industrial Food Supply, Americans Are Now Raising The First Generation Of Children To Have A Shorter Life Expectancy Than Their Parents Part Memoir And Part Journalistic Investigation, Animal, Vegetable, Miracle Makes A Passionate Case For Putting The Kitchen Back At The Center Of Family Life And Diversified Farms At The Center Of The American Diet

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    If you read only one book about food in 2008, I suggest you make it this one.Barbara Kingsolver, her husband, Steven Hopp, and her daughter, Camille, present selecting, growing, producing, harvesting, storing, preparing, sharing, and eating food as a way to enhance their own lives and those of others It s a life affirming a

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    I don t always agree with this author, but the book was very informative I did learn a lot about the small farmer vs the big guys Thank You

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    This book not only makes you think it s fun to read Good mix of facts, education, and entertainment And, while for many a change in eating or shopping habits may seem too intimidating, or too much work, the resources and ideas are here to simplify Once you get going, it s not bad it s fun Even if you don t want your own garden, or wish to go a

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    Helped encourage me to continue pursuing my dream

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    A well written account of going sustainable by growing what the land provides Very inspirational and encouraging that America might one day start going backwards in our search for comfort and nutrition.

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    This book is entertaining, informative and eye opening, especially as it relates to the food industry.

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