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Outnumbered: From Facebook and Google to Fake News and Filter-bubbles – The Algorithms That Control Our Lives And dealt with by one of the few who seem qualified to do so I m fairly technically minded, but found some sections went into far mathematical detail than I personally felt was really needed, so didn t find it quite as engaging a read as I was hoping. Despite all the hype surrounding Cambridge Analytica in 2018, this is the first account I ve seen that properly explores the technical details by interviewing the people behind the algorithms That alone makes this an essential read for anyone interested in the current debates around data mis use. This book contains some impressive and important content so I struggled initially to understand why I found it difficult to get on with More on that in a moment.Applied mathematician David Sumpter takes apart our current obsession with algorithms, information bubbles, AI and fake news, showing that all too often what we read about it is hype than reality Whether he is dealing with the impact or otherwise of Cambridge Analytica on elections, or the ability of algorithms to out think humans, he shows that we have too often assumed that sales pitches were a reality at the moment AI and its algorithms are rarely as good as we are told.It might seem that this is the work of an academic with an axe to grind about the other mathematicians who are coining it in, but this is no unsubstantiated polemic In many cases, Sumpter describes constructing a model to simulate the workings of an algorithm and demonstrates how feeble it really is It was also fascinating to discover the way that an algorithmic presentation of also liked amplifies mathematical chaos to bring out near random winners responsible, for example, for those YouTube stars where no one can understand their success.I absolutely loved one section where Sumpter is trying to assess the intelligence levels of current AIs Clearly they can t match humans How about dogs No Bees, maybe No He shows that in reality, current machine learning struggles to match the intelligence level of an advanced bacterium.Everything about what s in the book apart from Sumpter s enthusiasm for football seems a perfect match for someone deeply interested in algorithms and AI So why did I not find the book particularly compelling In part it s because it has quite a dry presentation Unlike Sumpter s previous title Soccermatics, the style here is very measured and near academic, presumably to add weight to the content, but the result was that some of it proved a dull read.It s not all like that, I ought to stress I loved the line when considering what the Cambridge Analytica model promised Democrats could focus on getting the vote out among Harry Potter fans Republicans could target people who drank Starbucks coffee and people who go camping Lady Gaga fans should be treated with caution by both sides I think the other issue was the negatives don t engage syndrome While it s important to know that algorithms and AI are far less powerful than we are generally given to believe in the news and some books , it s hard to get too excited when told about something not being the case It s a bit like the news headline War does not break out The last thing I want to do is put people off this book It really was interesting to learn how relatively ineffective AI is at this stage of its development, given how much news coverage has been given particularly to Cambridge Analytica, but also to the dark power of algorithms It s an important message I just wish the way it was delivered had been engaging. A great read, or listen if you are in to audio books like me In a world where people are becoming increasing worried about their relationships with AI and algorithms it was great to have a fact based book around the topics of fake news, filter bubbles, general AI and the big tech companies we interact with on a day to day basis I came away feeling positive about the future and keen to see the next breakthroughs The author writes in a very simplistic way, which I imagine is really hard given these topics, so that the book is very comprehensible and it feels like you are chatting with a friend who is dispelling the myths and fallacies you may have created around these key topics. Sumpter S Expertise And Sceptical Approach Are Brought Alive With Fascinating Examples Including Banksy And Space Invaders Financial Times David Sumpter Reckons With The Sheer Scales Of The Systems That Manage Much Of Our Digital Lives Step By Step He Details The Maths That Underpins Each Of These Systems, Laying Out The Straightforward, If Advanced, Calculations That Govern Their Outcomes And Their Limitations Guardian An Important Message Popular Science As Millions Slowly Wake Up To The Pitfalls Of Handing Over Their Digital Lives, Sumpter Combines Engaging Hands On Demonstrations With Stories From Insiders To Shed Light On Precisely How Data Alchemists Seek To Persuade And Predict Us, And Whether Their Almighty Algorithms Are All They Re Hyped Up To Be John Burn Murdoch, Data Journalist, Financial Times You Ve Heard About These Algorithms That Run Your Life And You Want To Know Two Things How Exactly Do They Work And How Much Should I Worry With A Refreshing Mix Of In Depth Knowledge And Personal Honesty, David Sumpter Answers Both Those Questions Timandra Harkness, Writer, Comedian And Broadcaster, And Author Of Big Data A Stellar Book About The Application Of Mathematics To The Real World Each Chapter Tells A Fascinating Story, And David S Warm And Witty Style Demonstrates That A Mathematician Can Be So Much Than Just A Machine For Turning Coffee Into Theorems A Riveting Read Kit Yates, Senior Lecturer, Department Of Mathematical Sciences, University Of BathHow Do Mathematics, Statistics And Algorithms Monitor And Control Our Lives What Shouldn T We Worry About, And What Ought To Concern Us In This Book, Mathematician David Sumpter Undertakes A First Hand Exploration Of The Algorithmic World We Now Inhabit

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