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Money: A User’s Guide Extremely informative and easy to read All the jargon was explained well It made seemingly heavy subjects eg tax and pension much digestible Great introduction to all things adulthood for millennials in the UK. I Was Reaping Social And Valuable Financial Advice Before Id Even Finished The First Chapterher Experience As A Journalist On The Money Desk For The Times, The Sunday Times And The Guardian Allows Her To Do Something That Id Never Experienced Before She Explains Money Clearly STYLIST Of Course, You Need A Guide To Get Started And This Is That Book Laura Whateley Understands Her Subject And Knows How To Explain It In Such A Way That You Will Be Able To Make Informed Choices About Your Finances, Rather Than Feeling Confused And Patronised THE TIMES The Sunday Times Bestseller This covers all the basis for a beginner It is heavy information broken down and written in a clear, concise and comedic manner which is easily digestible for a money finance newbie such as myself I m now familiar with pensions ,national insurance contributions and savings accounts I feel like an actual adult armed with this essential knowledge for young 20 somethings starting out in the scary realmof adult hood Know that I m clued up about finance and saving I would like to read about the types of pensions and savings and stocks Hopefully Laura will do another book that is slightly advanced Great book would make a handy gift or present for graduation or birthdays This book is wonderful Essential for anyone in the millennial bracket As well as great advice for folks in lots of different financial situations its vindicating, which was so refreshing Although generally speaking our generation have less cash floating about to invest etc, I think everyone will find this book empowering and help you make the most of what you earn. Great book I bought this with the intention of my 19 yr old stepson reading it I doubt he ever will but I wanted to read it first Very useful for all ages situations and has made me think about my own money matters I m now trying to encourage my husband to read it. A must read I have always been absolutely terrible with money could never stick to a budget, never knew the best way to tackle debt, and was absolutely clueless as to how shares and bonds worked I might not be an expert, but this book has given me the confidence to face up to my finances and make some really positive, sustainable changes that are helping me work towards my goals of buying my first home, clearing my credit cards loans and investing for the future.The book is quite thick but it s so easy to read I only received it a week ago and have been reading it on the morning commute and finished today One of my favourite parts of the book was in the chapter about love and money where the author explains how she moved in with her partner and rather than pay him rent to pay off his mortgage, she set money aside for them to use in future towards their shared goals and if they split up then he hasn t profited out of her It s little things like that which I ve never even thought about which are really useful in making those tough decisions not just about your individual financial commitment,s but joint ones too. Laura Whateley has created an instruction manual which everyone in school should really be taught It demystifies everything to do with financials from the overly complex to the necessary but mundane and she makes it fun and interesting.I hated talking about money, I m comfortable financially but it was always a taboo subject I bought the audiobook and have not looked back The problem was, I didn t understand it It s strange, I deal with marketing budgets everyday at work and yet I hated talking about my own money Not any Thank you Laura, this book is magical and I ve given it to a number of people already.

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