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Coming Home to Ottercombe Bay Ottercombe Bay Was Originally Published As A Four Part Serial This Is The Complete Story In One Package Daisy Wickens Has Returned To Ottercombe Bay, The Picturesque Devon Town Where Her Mother Died When She Was A Girl She Plans To Leave As Soon As Her Great Uncle S Funeral Is Over, But Great Uncle Reg Had Other Ideas He S Left Daisy A Significant Inheritance An Old Building In A State Of Disrepair, Which Could Offer Exciting Possibilities, But To Get It She Must Stay In Ottercombe Bay For Whole Months With The Help Of A Cast Of Quirky Locals, A Few Gin Cocktails And A Black Pug With Plenty Of Attitude, Daisy Might Just Turn This Into Something Special But Can She Ever Hope To Be Happy Among The Ghosts Of Her Past I d preordered this book and it arrived on my kindle about two weeks earlier than expected so I was certainly in a positive mood when I started reading I actually abandoned a book only a third of the way in because I knew that a Bella Osborne book would be better than whatever I was reading I bought the full book because I ve learnt that it s pointless me buying her books in the four parts because I get so engrossed in the story that the annoyance of having to wait for the next part ruins it for me.This was a brilliant story set in an amazing location Bella always describes the settings with just enough detail for me to form a picture in my mind but never goes overboard The same level of description goes for the characters, it s the perfect amount.I think this story has a bit depth to it than Bellas previous books however I d certainly still put it in the fun easy read category which is usually what I m after The characters were believable and I really cared for them from very early on in the book.If I had to say anything bad about this story it s that the couple got together so late in the story that we really didn t get enough pages of their happy life Please, please write a short story as a follow up A spontaneous beach wedding Moving in together Anything really, I d buy it If you fancy doing that with your other books too then that d be even better I may have not helped anyone decide to buy this book or not but I didn t want to give away any of the story I lived in a world with Daisy, Tamsyn, Max Jason for three days of reading, it was fun What a delightful book, about new beginnings and putting down roots.Daisy has travelled extensively but the death of her Great Uncle Reg brings her back to Devon and Ottercombe Bay, where she spent so much of her formative years The place holds many good memories but it s also the place where her Mum died when Dsisy was young, so she doesn t intend staying after the funeral.Things don t go to plan when the will is read and Daisy has a big decision to make, run away or stay where she was happy, once upon a time Together with childhood friends Tamsyn who lives with her parents next door to Daisy s Aunt and Daisys best friend Jason now the local policeman and Max local lifeboat crew and lifeguard they decide what to do.Along the way friendships are lost and mended, romance is found abd then there s Bug, and the love hate relationship between him and Daisy.I did laugh at some points in this book, it s so well written you feel as if you re there on the beach.Well worth a read. I bought this to take on holiday on my Kindle It looked good so thought I would buy the other 4 Imagine my annoyance when I found out that the other 4 were just Coming home to Ottercombe Bay in 4 separate parts I should learn really as I got caught out some time ago with Canal boat cafe series.

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