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Killing Commendatore Its Safe To Say That Theres No One Like Murakami Literary Review Murakamis Reality Has Many Sides Some Plain, Some Fancy Translators Philip Gabriel And Ted Goossen Capture Every Colour On This Mind Altering Palette No Other Author Mixes Domestic, Fantastic And Esoteric Elements Into Such Weirdly Bewitching Shades Murakamis Land Of Metaphor Remains A Country Where Wonders Never Cease Boyd Tonkin Financial Times Wild, Thrilling Murakami Is A Master Storyteller And He Knows How To Keep Us Hooked Sunday Times Exhilarating Only In The Calm Madness Of His Magical Realism Can Murakami Truly Capture One Of His Obsessions, The Usually Ineffable Yearning That Drives A Person To Make Art Washington Post Expansive And Intricate Touches On Many Of The Themes Familiar In Mr Murakamis Novels The Mystery Of Romantic Love, The Weight Of History, The Transcendence Of Art, The Search For Elusive Things Just Outside Our Grasp New York TimesThe Ambitious Major New Novel From This Internationally Celebrated Writer, On The Scale Of His Bestselling Q

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    Truth is, Killing Commendatore is an excellent novel, if you are a Murakami fan I have never before encountered an author whose works feel so personal, they are almost entities that generate moods and an atmosphere of total immersion With this book, as with all the others, my life was put on hold, and I was able to think of little else tha

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    I love Murakami novels, always have This one is up their with his better ones for me I only down graded it because in almost all his books he s invariably demonstrating his obsession with sex I m really not coming at this from the prudish point of view.My problem is that his handling of sex is not only gratuitous certainly does not add anything to t

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    my friends are maybe thinking there s something wrong with this book well, stab me with a tiny sword i don t know what my friends want surely not another kafka on the shore or another 1Q84 negative murakami has already written those books, and as brilliant as they are, he doesn t need to write them again affirmative i have read virtually all his books, certai

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    I am a huge fan of Murakami s books and had been waiting impatiently for the translation and publication in English Now, Murakami usually conjures up alternative worlds, and there are usually cats, ear lobes, jazz, and lonely men, cooking alone, and with a little sex thrown in for good measure This book has few of the tropes the music is classical, there is barely a ca

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