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Summary: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo It Takes The Average Person Minutes To Read , Words For The Price Of A Coffee And A Time Investment Of Roughly Two Percent Of Your Day, I Believe The Wisdom In This Book To Be Well Worth It S Value Here S My Sales Pitch The Writing Will Not Be Quite Up To The Same Standard, And The Formatting Is Also Not Done By A Professional If You Need A Story Behind Each Point To Reinforce It, Then Please, Go And Buy The Original However, If, Like Me, You Aren T A Fan Of The Fluff That Comes Along With Most Books And Would Much Rather Skip To The Nuggets Of Wisdom And Actionable Content In A Very Easily Absorbed And Easy Listening Way Including Key Takeaways, Then I Believe This Is The Book For You Save Yourself Time And Money I Am Only Releasing Summaries Of The Books That Have Made A True Positive Impact In My Life If You Decide To Purchase, I Truly Hope You Enjoy And Benefit From It Amplify Your Knowledge In A Simple, Efficient Manner Take Action Get Your Copy Today

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    If you don t have time to read a long book about organizing your life and the stuff that is keeping you from really living, this is the book to read I enjoyed getting to the point so I could actually apply

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    I was interested in this concept but not willing to read a book full of touchy, feely, does this object bring me joy , stuff I wanted something simple and practical and this book provided just that I am a ho

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    This summary of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up was great for helping me to decide if I liked the ideas well enough to purchase the full book I actually plan to buy the book because I need the details n

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    This book was very accurate to the key pieces of the original book Sometimes it can be hard to go back to a book and try to find something from it, but with the key notes at the end of each chapter, it was eas

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    This very abbreviated version of Kondo s original is often hard to read The English is often bad, which made me have to reread I was surprised at this quality of communication and even surprised that Marie Kon

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