[PDF] ↠ How to Wholesale Houses for Huge Cash & How to Wholesale Houses for Huge Cash - Part II (Bundle) Author Ernie Braveboy – Tactical-player.co.uk

How to Wholesale Houses for Huge Cash & How to Wholesale Houses for Huge Cash - Part II (Bundle) Wholesaling Is Undoubtedly A Revolutionary Business Model That Can See You Earning Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars A Year Without Having To Commit So Much Money Think About It Making Money Off Real Estate Without Having To Own Any Property Is Something Anyone Can Start And Succeed Massively At It All You Have To Do Is To Leverage On Your Networks To Close Deals And Pocket Your Cut Days Or Weeks After Finding A Property To Wholesale While It All Sounds Easy On Paper, The Truth Is That Wholesaling Property Is Not A Feat That Will Make You An Overnight Millionaire You Must Learn The Ins And Outs Of The Industry If You Are To Make A Consistent Income As A Wholesaler If You Ve Already Dipped Your Feet Into The Pool Called Wholesaling, You Must Learn The Craft If You Want To Want To Move From A Beginner Wholesaler Who Sells A Few Properties A Year To One Who Always Has A Transaction Or Even Several At Any Time Of The Year Lucky For You, This Audiobook Has All You Need To Help You Succeed As A Wholesaler In This Audiobook, You Will Learn Whether You Can Actually Wholesale With No Money How To Mold Yourself To A Lean Wholesaler Understanding Your Ultimate Goal As A Wholesaler So As To Set Yourself Up For Success Things You Must Understand About Real Estate Laws, Especially Regarding Wholesaling Insider Strategies On How To Find Deals Quickly Understanding What A Motivated Seller Is And How To Find One Going To See The Seller S House Where To Look And What To Look At Marketing Wholesale Property Deals To Prospective Investors Possible Pitfalls You Must Avoid To Ensure You Are On The Path To Success How To Price Your Property Right Conducting Contract Assignment The Right Way With Example Contracts Every Wholesaler Needs Your Seller Lead Sheet What To Say When Your Phone Rings And There S A Customer On The Line Download The Audiobook Now To Unlock Your Door To Massive Wholesaling Profits just what i needed to get my wholesaling business started with the information in this book i was able to wholesale my first house.

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