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Corporate Finance: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Financial Statements If You Want To Learn About Corporate Finance But Don T Feel Like Reading Boring Textbooks Then Keep ReadingThis Book Contains Five Manuscripts Financial Reporting The Ultimate Guide To Creating Financial Reports And Performing Financial AnalysisBusiness Valuation The Ultimate Guide To Business Valuation For Beginners, Including How To Value A Business Through Financial Valuation MethodsRisk Management The Ultimate Guide To Financial Risk Management As Applied To Corporate FinanceFinancial Management The Ultimate Guide To Planning, Organizing, Directing, And Controlling The Financial Activities Of An EnterpriseFinancial Statements The Ultimate Guide To Financial Statements Analysis For Business Owners And InvestorsThis Bundle Book Explain Corporate Finance In A Detailed, But Business Friendly Way This Isn T A Package Of Textbooks To Teach You How To Become An Accountant Or A Risk Manager For A Major Bank It S A Package That Will Introduce You To The Five Basic Areas Of Finance That Make The Most Difference To Investors And Business ManagersWith Corporate Finance The Ultimate Guide To Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, And Financial Statements You Will Get A Book That Is Written In A Style That S Meant To Be Easy To Read, Whether You Re Grabbing Five Minutes At Your Desk Over Lunchtime Or Settling In For Half An Hour S Unwind After A Long DayReal World Examples So You Can Learn How To Spot Signs Of Stress At Some Companies Before Things Go Badly Wrong, Or How Investment Analysts Might Disagree Widely On A Valuation Depending On Which Method They Re Using To Value A StockA Look At How Different Banks Have Come A Cropper By Mismatching Their Funding And Lending Maturities, Or How Particular Companies Have Tried To Manage Their Exposure To Commodities Prices Through Running Hedging OperationsInsight Into Two Sets Of Financial Reports One US And One European To Take A Detailed Look Not Just At How To Calculate Financial Ratios, But At What They MeanGet Information On How To Carry Out An Analysis Of A Competitor, Customer, Or Potential AcquisitionHere Are Just A Few Reasons To Pick Up This Book Now And Allow It To Help You Improve Your Financial Skills Competitive Analysis By Discovering How To Take A Really In Depth Look At Their Financial Statements, You Can Pinpoint Where The Extra Profit Comes FromCustomer Checks You Won T Just Get You A Feeling For Their Creditworthiness Now, But You Will Be Able To See Exactly Where The Pain Points Are So That You Know Just Where To Look To Spot Any Deterioration In Their Ability To PayYou Ll Discover How To Mitigate RiskYou Ll Learn How To Make The Right Acquisitions By Asking The Right Questions And Ensure No One Tries To Pull The Wool Over Your EyesYou Ll Discover How To Achieve A Better Price If You Ever Were To Sell A BusinessYou Ll Learn What Financial Ratios Are Most Important For Your Business, And How To Budget EffectivelyYou Ll Learn How To Analyze Your Business S PerformanceYou Ll Be Able To Deal With Experts Much Better For Example, You Ll Know What An Accountant Is Talking About When He Says A Competitor S Revenue Recognition Policy Is On The Aggressive SideAnd Much, Much So If You Want To Learn About Corporate Finance, Click Buy Now Great for a simpler explanation of topics The autor speaks in a a very simple day to day way and it helps you to understand complicated issues. In true Greg Shield s writing, Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management and Financial Statements set are easy to read and understand He takes the needs to know corporate finance and explains it in a much easier to understand format.This is a great bundle, a must have for anyone interested in learning. This book is a very useful guide to Financial Reporting, Business Valuation, Risk Management, Financial Management, and Financial Statements This bundle describes the important facets of corporate finance in an easily understandable way The author provides plenty of real world examples and presents the issue and decisions that could be made in response to each of these.The layout of this book allows the reader to work through from start to finish or jump to a particular topic that is of special interest to them The author describes Financial reports and the financial statements contained within, their purpose and how they are created with clear examples.The section on Business Valuation will be valuable for anyone who is planning on buying or selling a business The author explains the importance of a business valuation and why it is very important under certain circumstances He provides some useful examples of what can happen when the business owner is not aware of the worth of their business.The section on Financial Management explains why the business owner needs sound financial management practices The author delves into the Profit and loss statement, Balance sheet and Cash flow Finally, the section on Financial Statements will provide the reader with an understanding of the basic principles of accounting.Having a grasp of financial reporting can provide the business owner with valuable insight in order to make sound business decisions, understand what to expect when the business is audited and what information and reports the Accountant will require at tax reporting time.This book can be a very useful guide to Finance students, bookkeepers, and business owners.

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