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The Sacred Garden - 111 Inspirational Quotes: Reaping What You Sowed in Your Mind (Where the Heart Meets the Mind, Book 6) You Reap What You Sow Plant Your Seed Of Thoughts Mindfully We Can T Truly Understand Something Until We Have Viewed It From Multiple Perspectives Based On Numerous Factors That Come From Both Our Gut And Mind What We D Often Refer To As Our Intuition Very Well Serves As Our Inner Guidance System To Make Day To Day Decisions Learning To Raise Our Awareness And Recognizing The Different Emotions Created Out Of Our Subtle Voices In Our Heads Is Key To Unveiling Our Paths With Acute Decision Making Because Emotion Leads Us To Action While Reasoning Only Circles Back To Conclusions Our Minds Are, After All, Invisible To The Eye We Say, What The Eye Doesn T See, The Heart Doesn T Grieve Over , Yet The Heart And The Eye Are Not Related Directly We Understand It So Well, But There Is No Logical Connection Minds Are Meant To Be Inferred Rather Than Observed, And They Exist Only As A Theory That Each One Of Us Uses To Explain Both Our Own And Other S Actions Or Behaviors Having Mindfulness Becomes Your Core Practice And Asset To Holding The Key To Open The Locks Of The Subconscious Mind And Dig Deep For New Resources, Answers, And Especially Inspirations You Create Miracles And Masterpieces From A Place Of Inspired Action The Further You Tap Into The New Spaces Of Clarity, The It S Clear To See How Most Of Your Beliefs And Thoughts Never Served You Well That S Your Time To Reclaim Your Power At The Exact Moment You Recognize That This is a collection of very unique and inspiring quotations that will nurture your mind to ignite the creativity and passion within you to reach great heights I have never come across such powerful and motivational quotes in my bookish endeavours I have read books written by Dash Trembley in the past and one aspect that really astonishes me is that each of his books has a different lesson and message that you can learn The quotations are also full of depth and are a mine of inspiration to the reader.A great way to benefit from these quotes is to repeatedly read them so you can understand their significance or write them down so they can refer to them every time you need a jolt of inspiration to guide you in life.Some quotes that really touched me are We can never hear the greatest music played if we don t allow our fingers to touch they keys of the piano.At the heart of every limiting belief and resistance lies a hidden reward of you are able to cross that barrier of fear.Embrace the planner and dreamer in you Combine the best of the two for an ideal outcome.Maintain your sense of wonder and never lose it, no matter where life takes you.There are so many others that I liked but listing them all down will take a lot of time and space Therefore, I just highlighted the best ones.

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