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Accounting: The Ultimate Guide to Accounting Principles, Financial Accounting and Management Accounting As a tax professional with an accounting degree, a big chunk of my life is spent interacting with small business owners who have an entrepreneurial spark, but know nothing, really, about accounting although they think they do Needless to say, they are a source of trouble and frustration in my profession, because they don t really understand what accounting is supposed to do, much less how it is supposed to be done, and too many of them don t provide me with the kind of financial reporting that makes tax preparation accurate and as easy as anything that involves thousands of pages of government regulations These entrepreneurs would do well to read these three books by Greg Shields Accounting Principles, Financial Accounting, and Management Accounting They explain, in short and concise chapters, what accounting is and how it works Even if it only allows entrepreneurs to speak the language their accountant uses, or convinces them that they need an accountant in the first place, it would be worth it.My only objection is that sometimes Mr Shield s writes like an accountant He is technically accurate and understandable, but no poet In one chapter, he compares basic accounting rules to what appear to be U.S Army regulations, as if that would be a comparison that would make sense to most people, rather than the relatively small percentage of the population who have military experience I thought was a strange choice, even if it wasn t so obscure as to be impossible to understand.But that is quibbling In fact, if you want a short and compact, but 100% accurate, accounting tutorial, these books by Greg Shields have my recommendation. Three Comprehensive Manuscripts In One Audiobook Accounting Principles The Ultimate Guide To Basic Accounting Principles, GAAP, Accrual Accounting, Financial Statements, Double Entry Bookkeeping And More Management Accounting The Ultimate Guide To Managerial Accounting For Beginners Including Management Accounting Principles Financial Accounting The Ultimate Guide To Financial Accounting For Beginners Including How To Create And Analyze Financial Statements Here Are Some Of The Topics That Are Discussed In The First Part Of This Audiobook The Explosive Basics Accounting Methods Two Sides Of The Accounting Coin Merchandising And Their Inventories Analyze Like A Pro Payroll Accounting Budgeting To Make It Big Balanced Scorecard Fraud And Internal Controls And Much, Much Here Are Some Of The Topics That Are Discussed In The Second Part Of This Audiobook Accrual Accounting Financial Accounting Basics Who May Use The Financial Statements Recording Business Transactions Stockholders Equity Ratios And Other Tools For Analyzing Income Statement Balance Sheet Statement Of Cash Flows Statement Of Stockholders Equity And Much Here Are Some Of The Topics That Are Discussed In The Third Part Of This Audiobook Management Accounting And Its Importance Management Accounting Principles Responsibility Accounting Understanding And Managing Costs Budgeting Like A Pro Forecasting Tools For Business Trends Theory Of Constraints Careers In Management Accounting And Much, Much So, What Are You Waiting For Get This Audiobook Now And Learn About Accounting If you are a small business owner, bookkeeper or individual who is thinking of starting your own business, this set of books is invaluable As an accountant who runs my own business, I appreciate the easy to read, direct information in these books They are great to have on hand for a reference and it s always important for business owners to be able to understand their finances, even if you have an accountant or bookkeeper Understanding your businesses finances helps you make better business decisions These books can help you learn how to do that I have used them myself as an information source I received these books for free to review and give my honest opinion. It s good for a refresher This is an ideal series of manuscripts for a small business owner who is looking to be involved in their accounting and financial practices The author demonstrates a lot of knowledge and experience in accounting with an introduction to GAAP and its governing board s To add a bit on GAAP and why follow these principlesGAAP is a set of standard principles for the practice of accounting GAAP compliance is important because it standardizes terminology and approach, and offers consistency in reporting and tracking for quicker and accurate decision making activities.One of the helpful aspects of the manuscript are the analogies to help illustrate concepts Such as, Two Sides of the Accounting Coin in reference to making sure transactions balance And there are handy examples through the text.If you have taken a college course or two some time ago such as Accounting or Finance, this will be a good refresher If you are a working professional in this area, this will be a quick read If you are a small business owner looking to get hands on in your business accounting and financial operations, you will want to set aside a couple of hours to go through a chapter, apply the concept to your business, and reference back when you need to You may want to go through this guide in than one sitting.

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