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In Extremis: The Life of War Correspondent Marie Colvin And gift it to your friends for Christmas or any other occasion Know that you will be doing well by giving them one of the most important and well written books of these times, and you will be doing good by focusing attention on what I call the Global War on Free Expression that has picked up steam in the last several years Free expression and brave reporting speaking truth to power are a hallmark of our Western values, no so than in the United States, where it is enshrined as the First Amendment to the Constitution and cannot be abridged even by a democratic majority The American President has taken his stand against free expression, so now this book is important than ever.The first thing you will notice is that it is gripping, enthralling, and compelling, a story well written and excellently told One of the most difficult things in the world to write is a biography of a complex and larger than life personality, which is surely who Marie Colvin was Lindsey Hilsum avoids the traps of pop psychology or attempting to reduce the enigmatic and remarkable Marie Colvin to a set of motivations or insecurities Instead she places points of light in space and over the course of the book those coalesce into a poetic vision, an impression of a person who was very difficult to explain or to understand.Marie Colvin simply was compelled to tell the story of the oppressed, the victims of massacre and persecution, the forgotten and neglected And she consistently traveled to the most dangerous places in the world to tell those stories and eventually paid for that with her life She had a faith that normal people would hear and read her stories of human suffering and would react in a normal and human manner that might generate change She did this despite several frightening obstacles, not the least of which were those that rose up in front of her because she was a woman She never harped on those particular barriers and instead chose to ignore them She thought of herself as a reporter, not as a female war correspondent.Ms Hilsum also paints and impression of Marie Colvin as a uniquely interesting human being And it is critically important that we understand the humanity of the people who tell these stories which the powerful will do anything, not even short of murder, to thwart the truth they would tell Like Jamal Khashoggi, they are not merely a byline, but interesting and determined individuals who will put their lives on the line so that the people whose suffering would be silenced by the powers that cause it will have their stories told Perhaps no such reporter is as significant as Marie Colvin, widely considered to be the greatest war correspondent of her generation.Reading this biography, you will be transported into the life of a brave, complicated, driven, talented, haunted, intelligent, passionate human being whose life and death commitment was to humanity, to the better angels of our nature, to the belief that we want the world to be a safer, just place It is at once an inspiring tale and an informative.Time Magazine has highlighted the value of these reporters, by naming them the persons of the year Marie Colvin herself is a subject of a Hollywood movie, A Private War, starring Rosamund Pike as Marie, in a role that has already garnered award attention Marie Colvin is also the subject of a documentary, Under the Wire As compelling as those films may be, they are weak sauce compared to Ms Hilsum s extraordinarily complete biography of this compelling woman This is one of the best and most important books of the year.By way of disclaimer, I knew Marie Colvin well over four decades and can add that there is nothing in this amazing book that is wrong or off or incorrect That alone is an accomplishment That it fills out the rest as best as possible without judgment or explanation is a wonder Marie Colvin, and all she loved and feared and was betrayed by all come to life in the pages of In Extremis Buy it Read it Give a dozen copies to friends You will have done several good things well.Gerald Weaver Gerald Weaver is the author of the novel, The First First Gentleman, August 2016, London Wall Publishing His well received first novel, Gospel Prism, was published in May 2015. I liked this It was a good portrait of Marie Colvin, a driven and interesting woman While she was alive I never really bought into the persona she had She was a pioneer of personal journalism it s all like that now and for a boomer feminist like me the way she was, personal, emotional, needy, all the things women in professional life have been criticised for being, and indeed the reasons given why women should not be in professional life, did not sit well Also, the eye patch It seems her copy was chaotic, filed late or not at all, and she constantly got into messes for eg not doing her expenses What I wonder is, how she got away with it Us ordinary souls would have been fired in about five minutes, and what is used in evidence for not hiring or promoting women But hey, the eye patch Made me think though Focus and drive Those are what get you places Not talent, not so much. An endless list of lovers, got so boring I gave up My wife was keen to read it but gave up earlier than me One for the charity shop.Marie Colvin was an extraordinary journalist, just a pity this book concentrated so much on the salacious. In Extremis is an apt title for this journalist for whom the truth must always be the goal however unpalatable the harsh reality of the war zones in which she decided to operate for much of her working life.Marie Colvin succeeded in telling the world what was actually happening to ordinary people sheltering amongst the remains of what was once their town or village as remorseless attacks from whoever had the preponderance of fire power took away lives, limbs and livelihoods.She paid with her life but not before reminding us that we are all responsible for what happens in Syria or Sri Lanka indifferent as most of us are to the destination of weapons sales and which side our government supports in any civil war.Her early years are also well documented showing her as a precocious and wayward teenager before morphing into the brave and uncompromising yet fallible Sunday Times reporter for whom no assignment was off limitsAlthough the book is to be recommended one feels that such a complex character is difficult to capture by any biographer even those who knew them personally as the subject s view of daily life is not shared by the majority who prefer calm and certainty to being abused and shot at by those for whom human life is expendable. An ordinary if competent book about an extraordinary woman Too much space given to a pedestrian description of her child and teenage years Disappointing. The extraordinary life of an extraordinary journalist Beautifully and heart breakingly told it shows the bravery, passion and compassion of Marie Colvin as well as her tragedy and insecurity In the end it leaves you with the experience of a life well and thoroughly lived. An interesting character not particularly well told. Random House Presents The Audiobook Edition Of In Extremis The Life Of War Correspondent Marie Colvin, Written And Read By Lindsey Hilsum BBC Radio Book Of The WeekIt Has Always Seemed To Me That What I Write About Is Humanity In Extremis, Pushed To The Unendurable, And That It Is Important To Tell People What Really Happens In Wars Marie Colvin, Marie Colvin Was Glamorous, Hard Drinking, Braver Than The Boys, With A Troubled And Rackety Personal Life With Fierce Compassion And Honesty, She Reported From The Most Dangerous Places In The World, Fractured By Conflict And Genocide, Going In Further And Staying Longer Than Anyone Else In Sri Lanka In , Marie Was Hit By A Grenade And Lost The Sight In Her Left Eye Resulting In Her Trademark Eye Patch And In She Was Killed In Syria Like Her Hero, The Legendary Reporter Martha Gellhorn, She Sought To Bear Witness To The Horrifying Truths Of War, To Write The First Draft Of History And, Crucially, To Shine A Light On The Suffering Of Ordinary People Written By Fellow Foreign Correspondent Lindsey Hilsum, This Is The Story Of The Most Daring War Reporter Of Her Age Drawing On Unpublished Diaries And Notebooks And Interviews With Marie S Friends, Family And Colleagues, In Extremis Is The Story Of Our Turbulent Age And The Life Of A Woman Who Defied Convention

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