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Les Misérables have a habit of combining reviews from various versions of a product This review relates to the unabridged Christine Donougher translation by Penguin.I ve not read another translation of Les Miserables or as this version is named The Wretched and frankly I don t think I ve got the time as it s such a mammoth length Therefore, I wanted to make sure as much as I could that the copy I was going to read was going to be the right one for me I m glad I chose the Christine Donougher translation as it is simply outstanding.I can t conceive of the effort that must have been put into this version along with all its explanatory references and notes Importantly for me, it s easily read on my phone with a Kindle app I don t want to carry around a book of this size around with me on the bus or have to keep flicking pages around to explore a reference.As for the story, well I m sure you know what to expect As for the version, I highly recommend this translation particularly on an electronic device although I ve now also got a hard copy copy for my mother in law which made me realise quite how long this book is.Thank you Christine and Penguin for enabling me to read this classic without hassle. Just finished reading this with the help of the audio version same translation This is up there as one of the greatest novels, a vast panorama of post Napoleonic France, a love story and the story of one man s struggle for redemption Don t listen to those who say that it could have been shorter, that there is too much digression The language is extraordinary, as rich and powerful as any work of fiction and the translation is excellent This modestly priced edition is cased in a sturdy rubber cover as befits the weight of its contents Expect to shed tears of sorrow and joy. I read this last year and it took me a while to get through As many have mentioned, a VERY lengthy book with some possibly unnecessary discriptions but I actuallly loved this book if it was not for the length which almost destroyed me, I would have given 5 stars It really is worth the read, and I do feel that the length of the story makes you empathise with the journey of Jean Valjean and his struggles Its a moving story which takes you through the lives of many that interwine and grow together.I am really glad I stuck with it as it really is a beatiful, timeless story that brings out genuine emotion Although I can be taken over but characters and feel real emotion, this is so far the only book to have made me shed real tears not from the joy of completing but the conclusion of Jean Valjean s story and the love in this book I did not even realise I was crying until I was asked if I was ok, that is how engrossed I was with the words.Dedication and persistance are needed but it is a wonderful journey that I only regret not doing sooner. This was by far the most difficult book I ve ever read If I hadn t already fully cognisant of the main story I ve no doubt I would have given up the struggle It was the comments of another reviewer who advised skipping some of the supporting chapters, which was easily done without any loss to the central theme of the book, that kept me going The story is well enough rehearsed without me needing to comment on the plot What made the book difficult to deal with was that, no matter what the situation in life of the characters, or whether they were good or bad people, all of them experienced hardship and sadness in one form or another It would have been a relief to find some unqualified happiness in some of the pages but to the end life continued in a minor key and it was heavy going It was beautifully written, and a great story told I m glad I ve read it but nothing on earth would make me ever want to read anything else by Victor Hugo Nicely bound but watch out this is not the latest highly praised translation in 2012 by Christine Donougher intro by Robert Tombs it is the slightly older not so praised 1972 translation and intro by Norman Denny I am reading this book in paperback As it is a long and heavy book it is taking some time So I could continue on holiday I purchased a kindle version that would be easier to carry The book itself is in easy to read English, just a lot of it I saw the recent TV version of the story and wanted to see how it compared with the book The book dives off into lots of descriptions of 1830 s France This can interrupt the flow of the story It helps if you are familiar with french history of the period So far the tale is enjoyable Note that I hav nt finished it yet. I usually don t review anything, but when this book arrived , I thought it was so beautiful ,I must write one Not only , the inside cover is a beautiful painting like drawing , but the pages are gold trimmed and the whole book looks like one piece of a very expensive collection.It is going to make a fantastic gift to a book lover For this price , it is a bargain Highly recommended. Considered To Be French Novelist Victor Hugo S Masterpiece, Les Miserables, Which Was Published In , Is A Sprawling Historical And Philosophical Epic That Covers From Through The Paris Uprising In Notable For Its Many Subplots And Digressions From The Main Storyline, The Novel S Stated Aim Is A Progress From Evil To Good, From Injustice To Justice, From Falsehood To Truth, Which Can Be Seen Most Clearly In The Story Of The Central Character Jean Valjean, An Ex Convict Who Struggles To Shake The Sins Of His Past And Become A Good Man Widely Adapted, The Novel Inspired The Blockbuster Musical And Movie Colloquially Known As Les Mis This Is An Unabridged Audio Recording Of The Isabel F Hapgood Translation

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Les Misérables book, this is one of the most wanted Victor Hugo author readers around the world.

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