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                        COMING OF AGE: Victorian Domestic Obedience
            Adrian Haert, bastard son of Lord Haert, has finished school and is returning home He s not been on the Haert estate since leaving it ten years earlier, aged eight years old He has no idea what awaits him The bastard son of the lord, he expects little from his stepmother, Lady Agatha However, he is the only heir and, as such, he must be taught the Haert traditions So begins an education decidedly different to anything he could have anticipated from a normal school Along the way a fiancee arrives, and that means further tuition, individually and together.This book is intended for adult reading only Do not read if any of this might offend you.It is a fantasy of 23,000 words and nine chapters and includes corporal punishment, foreplay, oral and anal sex All characters are over the age of 18 and willing participants. Well worth the readThe author is both inventive and a great story tellerEnjoyed it from beginning to the end Excellent