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Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host Great writer What Does The Bible Really Tell Us About The Heavenly Host Everyone Knows That Angels Have Wings, Usually Carry Harps, And That Each Of Us Has Our Own Personal Guardian Angel, Right We All Have Some Preconceptions About Angels From Movies, Television Shows, And Other Media, But You Might Be Surprised To Know That A Lot Of Those Notions Aren T Based On Anything From The Bible If You Read Luke And Imagine The Angel Gabriel Standing Before Mary With Neatly Folded White Wings, You Re Not Getting That Picture From Anything The Bible Itself Says What The Bible Really Says About Angels Is Overlooked Or Filtered Through Popular Myths This Book Was Written To Help Change That It S A Book About The Loyal Members Of God S Heavenly Host, And While Most People Associate Them With The Word Angel, That S Just One Of Many Terms The Bible Uses For Supernatural Beings In The Unseen Realm, Michael Heiser Opened The Eyes Of Thousands To Seeing The Bible Through The Supernatural Worldview Of The Ancient World It Was Written In In His Latest Book, Angels, Dr Heiser Reveals What The Bible Really Says About God S Supernatural Servants Heiser Focuses On Loyal, Holy Heavenly Beings Because The Bible Has A Lot To Say About Them Than Most People Suspect Most People Presume All There Is To Know About Angels Is What Has Been Passed On In Christian Tradition, But In Reality, That Tradition Is Quite Incomplete And Often Inaccurate Angels Is Not Guided By Traditions, Stories, Speculations, Or Myths About Angels Heiser S Study Is Grounded In The Terms The Bible Itself Uses To Describe Members Of God S Heavenly Host He Examines The Terms In Their Biblical Context While Drawing On Insights From The Wider Context Of The Ancient Near Eastern World The Bible S View On Heavenly Beings Begins With Old Testament Terms But Then Moves Into Literature From The Second Temple Period Jewish Writings From Around The Fifth Century BC To The First Century AD This Literature From The Time Between The Old Testament And The New Testament Influenced The New Testament Writers In Significant Ways With That Important Background Established, The Book Focuses On What The New Testament Tells Us About God S Holy Ones Finally, The Book Reflects On Common Misconceptions About Angels And Addresses Why The Topic Is Still Important And Relevant For Christians Today Unlike Heiser s previous books, I can keep this review fairly short Mostly because I feel that it is only a slight expansion on his previous materials Don t get me wrong If this is your first Heiser book, then it is chock full of information that you may never have heard before It also compiles the information into a nicely organized package and great footnotes So it is a nice little package on angels even if the publisher wouldn t pay for an index.Basically, I don t have any strong objections to the material that he included though I felt that he left out some of the obscure areas of biblical angelology ariels, spirit mountains, and the like The latter is fine as they are obscure and, so, go a little far afield.I do, however, have an objection in how he presents the material As I have said about his books before and he proudly proclaims , he is an evangelical, the Bible and Jesus are the absolute truth kind of scholar and this shows in his books Rather than letting the texts speak for themselves, he insists on providing later theological developments to impose an artificial order on the presentation of the materials Heiser has no problem in retrojecting Jesus into the Old Testament where his presence is, at best, hinted at and, most likely, not non existent.This extends to the theme of this book which is to show that Yahoweh and El are the same god and that the Elohim are subservient beings to Yahoweh Elohim He provides impressive grammatical arguments and a casual dismissal of other theories However, by making his arguments, he does a very good job of showing exactly where the weak points in this theology lie As you read this, whether a believer or someone just interested in biblical mythology, just keep in mind that nearly all of these points can be argued on the side of Judaism beginning as an offshoot of Canaanism with the same exact gods Yahoweh and Ba al might, indeed, have been the same warrior king, son of El which then evolved into monotheism during the Exiles In other words, the original judaic polytheism was edited and updated into a judaic monotheism by later writers which is why all of these weird glitches in biblical monotheism exist Heiser is just nice enough to show you many examples of the older belief system.Let me add that, while Heiser has presented his intimate knowledge of Ancient Hebrew as very strong, he has forgotten to mention that the Old Testament texts languages and grammar span the equivalent to Middle to Modern English with a couple of chapters of a French English Hybrid Aramaic thrown in for good measure That is quite a range of language variation over which to maintain iron clad grammatical rules just think of the first time that you tried to read Shakespeare only worse On top of that, the vowel pointings on which he places much value , were not added until I believe around 800 years after the last book was written Heiser even admits that the Masoretic Text the one on which many english translations are based was probably not the original version of the Old Testament as known in Jerusalem at the turn of the Millenium He frequently refers to the Dead Sea Scrolls sadly incomplete and the Septuagint which themselves show variations for clarifications of passages so it is obvious that we don t actually have an accurate copy of the Old Testament On top of that, a perusal of an honest translation of the Old and, probably, New Testament shows that there are many biblical passages for which the translations are guesses at best Add that all up and the grammatical arguments that Heiser presents, in this book, are powerful but, ultimately, subject to significant margins of error.Had he been a little honest in discussing different possible interpretation of many of these odd biblical passages, then I would have had no problem giving this book a 4 star rating As it is, I had to mark it down due to dishonesty deriving from his myopic theological background. Another scholarly offering but written for the regular reader Love the depth gone to with no topic off limits Heiser has become my favorite author on all things spiritual. Heiser brings contemporary scholarship of angelology to the uninitiated layman Most of what he says in this book takes years of academic research of various dissertations and journal articles It is a breath of fresh air that this information comes to the public in an easy to read format If you are a professional scholar, you might not find that much new insight here that already adds to what is known in the academic arena, although Heiser does indeed have his own insights as well but if you are a layman, this is a gold mine Regardless of where you fall in this spectrum, it is still a good read My only qualms with this work is that it is only 180 pages Regardless, it is still worth the buy and Heiser has a way of explaining academic content to a non academic audience Whether you are a scholar or not, if you are a believer who obeys the proverbs endorsement of education and learning, you will enjoy this great addition to the layman library. I love how Dr Heiser takes such deep content but writes it in a way for anyone to understand This book is no exception There are so many confusing ideas and doctrines about angels but Dr Heiser cuts through it all and just teaches what the Bible says This is a must read for everyone who wants to learn a balanced and biblical theology on angels. This book is chalk full of details about God s heavenly host With surveys starting in the Old Testament, to Second Temple literature, to the New Testament, Dr Heiser has left no stone unturned This book will make you rethink what church tradition has told you about angels, either through images or story, and give you realistic look at who the heavenly host is, what part they play in God s divine council, and even our own place within the family of God Worth the read

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host book, this is one of the most wanted Michael S. Heiser author readers around the world.

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