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Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Michael S. Heiser, Gordon Greenhill, Lexham Press: Audible Audiobooks General It was a big struggle for me to decide whether to give this 3 or 4 stars I would probably give this a 3.5 There are certain aspects I love about this author and book in general and other factors though which leave a lot to be desired.The most prominent feature I want to bring awareness to is that at times this can become an extremely academic book Language level wise it doesn t use stuffy words, but the grammar and overall content can lean very heavily into university level If your English language level is anything under advanced intermediate your going to struggle with this.A lot of this book, especially at the beginning revolves around the nuances of linguistics And while the author does an astounding job at highlighting his points through the differences and explanations of words in different languages, if your not a fan of linguistics, this definitely ain t going to convert you He makes some very interesting points but I did struggle at times to appreciate the gravity of his findings A lot of work has been put into this book and it shows If your a serious student or fan of this topic, then I highly recommend it Bought this on kindle, delivery was definitely very quick and the overall format was excellent not always a given.Pros 1 well researched2 a lot of effort has been put in and it shows.3 formatted well.Cons 1 can be difficult to read, very academic.2 does run the risk of being a tad dry. What Does The Bible Really Tell Us About The Heavenly Host Everyone Knows That Angels Have Wings, Usually Carry Harps, And That Each Of Us Has Our Own Personal Guardian Angel, Right We All Have Some Preconceptions About Angels From Movies, Television Shows, And Other Media, But You Might Be Surprised To Know That A Lot Of Those Notions Aren T Based On Anything From The Bible If You Read Luke 1 26 38 And Imagine The Angel Gabriel Standing Before Mary With Neatly Folded White Wings, You Re Not Getting That Picture From Anything The Bible Itself Says What The Bible Really Says About Angels Is Overlooked Or Filtered Through Popular Myths This Book Was Written To Help Change That It S A Book About The Loyal Members Of God S Heavenly Host, And While Most People Associate Them With The Word Angel, That S Just One Of Many Terms The Bible Uses For Supernatural Beings In The Unseen Realm, Michael Heiser Opened The Eyes Of Thousands To Seeing The Bible Through The Supernatural Worldview Of The Ancient World It Was Written In In His Latest Book, Angels, Dr Heiser Reveals What The Bible Really Says About God S Supernatural Servants Heiser Focuses On Loyal, Holy Heavenly Beings Because The Bible Has A Lot To Say About Them Than Most People Suspect Most People Presume All There Is To Know About Angels Is What Has Been Passed On In Christian Tradition, But In Reality, That Tradition Is Quite Incomplete And Often Inaccurate Angels Is Not Guided By Traditions, Stories, Speculations, Or Myths About Angels Heiser S Study Is Grounded In The Terms The Bible Itself Uses To Describe Members Of God S Heavenly Host He Examines The Terms In Their Biblical Context While Drawing On Insights From The Wider Context Of The Ancient Near Eastern World The Bible S View On Heavenly Beings Begins With Old Testament Terms But Then Moves Into Literature From The Second Temple Period Jewish Writings From Around The Fifth Century BC To The First Century AD This Literature From The Time Between The Old Testament And The New Testament Influenced The New Testament Writers In Significant Ways With That Important Background Established, The Book Focuses On What The New Testament Tells Us About God S Holy Ones Finally, The Book Reflects On Common Misconceptions About Angels And Addresses Why The Topic Is Still Important And Relevant For Christians Today. Great writer I discovered Robert Heiser when doing some research into the book of Revelation and initially read Reversing Hermon, which I found to be theologically academic but also easily readable This book deals with the issue of the watchers in Genesis 6 and he offers a highly valuable insight into the influence of the new testament authors by 1 Enoch He also offers an overview of the atonement and why certain wording is used in our Bibles which reflects on bringing closure to the Genesis 6 incident Why it took me so long to discover this author I am unsure, but he certainly is an expert in ancient languages and knows his Bible and extra biblical literature very well He is clearly a bit of an expert on first Enoch too my next foray was into his book The unseen realm which deals with the overlap between the spiritual and the physical This book is probably his greatest work so far and he is very capable at drawing out huge systematic connections across the spectrum of scripture There is also a summary book of the key points of the unseen realm without the footnotes Angels was the next of his books that I read and this is one of the series that just answers the issues about the angelic host and points out that angels are not female, have no wings and don t play harps I have just read his commentary on 1 Enoch which is also excellent He has also produced a very user friendly paperback Supernatural which summarises some of the findings in these other books in a simplistic level Basically, this author is a true theologian who can effectively communicate to the general reader Most of his books have extensive footnotes meaning they are good for quoting in your degree level essays Personally, I have found his work to be informative and helpful, and in the main they are difficult to put down Must read This wil really help people to understand what s out there Dr Heiser dispels many misconceptions about the spiritual world and its inhabitants He also helps to understand the interaction between our and their reality His work is always well researched and thorough Anyone who is serious about Bible study should read it Anyone who wants to be truly informed should read it as well Thank you dr Heiser for yet another great read.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Angels: What the Bible Really Says About God’s Heavenly Host (Audio Download): Amazon.co.uk: Michael S. Heiser, Gordon Greenhill, Lexham Press: Audible Audiobooks book, this is one of the most wanted Michael S. Heiser author readers around the world.

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