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LOGITICA : Improve Your Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills Attention Parents And KIDS Learn Faster In School And Life And Also Retain Of What You Learn This Book Is A Perfect Gift For Your Kids Secondary School And Beyond For Improving Their Cognitive Abilities Read Further Below To Know The Real Benefits Of Reading Each Chapter In Logitica Logitica Created By An Author, Who Memorized First Digits Of Pi And Now Is Ranked Among The Top On The Pi World Ranking List LOGITICA Stimulates Brainpower And Can Be Considered The Brain Behind The BrainPages PagesImprove Your Critical Thinking And Problem Solving Skills By Tackling A Wide Variety Of Problems That LOGITICA PresentsThis Book Contains Unique Chapters As Listed Below Chapter Number Box Logic, ReasoningChapter Number Cross Logic, ReasoningChapter Number Sequence Logic, ReasoningChapter Marbles In A Box Simple EquationsChapter Brick Wall Simple EquationsChapter Average Cell Simple Equations, Arithmetic MeanChapter Mixed Arithmetic Cell Simple EquationsChapter Wisgo Number Tile Logic, Stimulating Both Sides Of The BrainChapter Number Pyramid Pascal S Triangle, Simple EquationsChapter Average Number Pyramid Pascal S Triangle, Arithmetic MeanChapter I O Arithmetic Box Reverse Step, Logic MathChapter Lost Ant Vector Scalar, Quadratic EquationsChapter Lock And Key Logic, Strategy, Worst Case ScenarioAbout AuthorNeelabh Kumar Is A Thinker Having Memorized The First Digits Of Pi Using Sequential Memory Recollection, He Is Ranked Among The Top On The Pi World Ranking List Creator Behind Wisgo Logitica, Which Stimulates Both Sides Of The Brain One Of The Wisgo Logiticas Kumar Created Has A Patent Filing In Hong Kong Creator Of Logitica After Earning A Masters Degree From One Of The Most Prestigious Universities In India IIT , Kumar Is Now Employed In Hong Kong At A Large Financial Firm, While Also Creating And Designing A New Logitica, With To ComeYWORDS Problem Solving, Logic, Analytical Thinking, Critical Thinking, ReasoningPreface In Todays Competitive Environment Everyone Must Strive To Reach His Or Her Full Potential If They Want Success Students And Professionals Alike Can Do This By Working To Improve Their Brainpower If You Plan On Developing The Next Big App Or Embarking On A Professional Career In Almost Any Field, You Will Need Highly Developed Logical And Analytical Thinking Skills Why Not Start With LOGITICA The Brain Behind The Brain

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    The moment I started reading first chapter I couldn t stop pushing myself to understand the logic of every problem They make perfectly sense once you get the logic The other good thing is to solve them, sometimes you have to get out of your mental schemes, which is great, it is literally taking me out of my comfort zone.Steps ar

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    The writer of this book has very well explained how to anaalysis , aaply logic and then go for the solution Very well explained in details I along with my kids have made it a point to solve atleast 5 questions

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    I purchased this ebook and logic and math for our homeschool I really like how these books are set up, showing how and strategy We will be using a few problems a day to help with math and critical thinking in a fun way My non math loving daughter is excited and is already coming up with her own problems I am excited to see these skills improve and

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    i only did the first three chapters and i feel like a genius now.

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    My son loves it A great Practice book

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    This was a great gift for a brainy guy

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    Love the book.

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