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Digital Minimalism: On Living Better with Less Technology I echo the comments of previous reviewers This is a well researched, well written and very timely analysis of how our over reliance addiction is not too strong a word on our screens is sapping our time, our energy and our autonomy.The solutions presented are clear, logical, and perfectly reasonable both in scope and feasibility I have already started my digital declutter.It s rare that I settle down and spend an entire day reading a book from cover to cover I did so with this one, and I recommend you do the same. Listen ToDigital Minimalism And You Ll Never Again Mindlessly Sacrifice Your Productivity To Clickbait Or Lose Minutes Of Your Evening To Your Instagram Feed In This Timely And Enlightening Audiobook, Cal Newport Introduces A Philosophy For Technology Use That Has Already Improved Countless Lives Digital Minimalists Are All Around Us They Re The Calm, Happy People Who Can Hold Long Conversations Without Furtive Glances At Their Phones They Can Have Fun With Friends And Family And Eat Out At Restaurants Without The Obsessive Urge To Document The Experience Now, Newport Gives Us A Name For This Quiet Movement And Makes A Case For Its Urgency In Our Tech Saturated World Drawing On A Diverse Array Of Real Life Examples, From Amish Farmers To Harried Parents To Silicon Valley Programmers, Newport Identifies The Common Practices Of Digital Minimalists And The Ideas That Underpin Them Digital Minimalism Will Teach You How To Rethink Your Relationship To Social Media And Rediscover The Pleasures Of The Offline World It Ll Help You Implement A Day Digital Declutter Process, Making Sure You Re In Control Of Your Tech And Not The Other Way Around Human nature, being what it is, tends to lead us to behaviours that can become addictive and unhealthy over time Walk down the street, sit in a restaurant or watch people on the train and it doesn t take long to realise that use of technology is out of control for lots of us Cal Newport s book offers some common sense approaches to living comfortably with technology The minimalist approach makes good sense, and the strategies here are worth considering, even though when you look through them they sound pretty obvious.The book takes a wider perspective on minimalism and life in general than an overview of the content suggests Drawing on examples from history, from people who learned the value of managing time well, the power of solitude and other approaches to living well, the book sometimes feels a bit padded with self help mantras before drawing these connections back to our over reliance on smart technologies.Overall, a thought provoking read, but probably the people that need this the most won t go anywhere near it Once you consider the idea of the smartphone as being a slot machine you carry around in your pocket, it is quite difficult to view the device in quite the same life improving way Big tech companies know what they are about wanting our attention to exploit it for economic gains Newport offers ideas to fight back that are seriously worth some consideration. Extremely well written and argued with excellent ideas Some of it is similar to his other book Deep Work, which is down right transformative Read that first. An interesting book, and very readable The stories and anecdotes had me fascinated Cal Newport writes in a way that s very enjoyable and draws you in.I give this book five stars because it was a page turner that held my interest throughout However, there were a couple of points that I felt could be improved upon The only section that was clunky was Use social media like a professional It discusses a social media expert who prefers the pronoun they their to she her Fair enough, but the confusion between singular and plural made it very difficult to understand who was being referred to, and I found it hard to read This section should have been rewritten to use direct quotes from the expert, to get around this.Also, the summary of key points for this book would be quite short, and I wonder if it was a bit longer than it really needed to be.Still, great work, and well worth a read. If you follow Cals blog or other books this won t REALLY bring much new It s a reasonably quick read that follows topics he s brought up before in other books He does go into what to do in spare time and a philosophy of doing real world he calls analogue tasks and putting away addictive devices and tactics for either getting rid of them completely or managing them properly so they aren t time wasters He gets lots of examples from different sources and does do a good job of explaining deeply why such addictive social media is bad for us as people and a culture and how to develop a way to not waste your spare time zoning out in front of the computer on facebook netflix and actually getting out and doing and making real things I think the last bit was what stuck out with me and why I gave it a 4 rating If you ve never read any of his books before you d probably give this one a 5 rating but this is his 4th I ve read I do recommend it

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