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Highly Sensitive People: Spiritual Thoughts and Inspirational Theories You Are In Tune With The Unseen Forces Than You Think Book One Can Knowledge Of Your Chakras Really Help You Be Healed And Maintain A Spiritual Balance In Your Life Chakras Can Function As Portals Between The Metaphysical And Spiritual Realm We Can Grow, Heal, And Change In Positive Ways By Acknowledging And Comprehending These Different Energy Types In Our Bodies Chakras Influence Our Decisions, Relationships, Charisma, Sexuality, And Development Book Two In A World Of Self Absorbed Individuals, Socially Impaired Ignoramuses, And Annoying Distractions In Busy Lives, We Need Empaths The Empath Clearly Senses And Empathizes With Other Individuals Easily He Or She Can Feel In A Distinct Way How Others Feel And Adjust Conversations, Behavior, And Actions Accordingly Book Three Different Personality Types Seem To Be All Around Us, Despite Of Nature And Nurture, They Appear To Stem From A Higher, Essential Self That Has Its Own Way Of Acting, Thinking, And Behaving Despite The Fact That Each Person S Personality Consists A Neural Complex Mixture Of Experiences And Emotions, There Is A Classification System That Can Help Us Recognize Patterns And Label Them Accordingly Without Judgmental Tendencies One Of These Is Called The Enneagram Book Four Sensitivity Isn T Always Appreciated In A Harsh, Cold World With Fast Paced Relationships And Quick Contacts On Top Of That, Highly Sensitive Person Can Be Stuck With Some Exceptional Problems And Personal Challenges Other Regular People Don T Have But To Be A Highly Sensitive Person Is Unique And Beneficial In A Lot Of Ways The Most Important Thing Is How We Deal With It Book Five The Word Kundalini Is Derived From Sanskrit Kund, Which Intends To Burn, And Kunda, Which Intends To Curl Or To Be Winding It Is Frequently Depicted As The Primordial Dormant Energy Present In Three And A Half Coils At The Base Of The Spine In A Triangular Bone Called The Sacrum Book Six I Don T Think There Is A Need To Point Out Or Emphasize The Importance And Prevalence Of Meditation In This World Today Some People Don T Know Where To Begin, And Others Should Still Open Their Minds To Some Advanced Methods In This Guide, You Ll Find It All Book Seven With All The Distractions And Temptations In The World Nowadays, It Becomes Ever So Important To Be Aware Of Our Environment And To Do So In A Significant, Controlled, Balanced Way Book Eight You May Be A Psychic, Or You May Have The Inclination To Develop Skills That Are Related To Psychic Feelings Or Intuitions This Guide Will Show You The Way Book Nine Psychic Abilities Exist, But Many Don T Know What To Do With Them They Get Caught Up In Deceptive Mediums, Money Sucking Scams, Or Nonsense About Floaty Things That Have No Effect You Ll Learn About The Myths And The Truths Of Psychic Development

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    I bought this book for my sister who wants to try Chakra and other stuffs like Psychic She told me that this book is impressive Affordable and really lots of content.

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