A Tapestry of Treason: the most gripping escapist

A Tapestry of Treason: the most gripping escapist historical drama of 2020 from a Sunday Times bestselling author Gripping The TimesFans of Philippa Gregory and other historical fiction writers will love Anne OBriens A Tapestry of Treason YoursHer actions could make history but at what priceConstance of York, Lady Despenser, proves herself than a mere observer in the devious intrigues of her magnificently dysfunctional family, The House of YorkSurrounded by power hungry men, including her aggressively self centred husband Thomas and ruthless siblings Edward and Richard, Constance places herself at the heart of two treasonous plots against King Henry IV Will it be possible for this Plantagenet family to safeguard its own political power by restoring either King Richard II to the throne, or the precarious Mortimer claimant Although the execution of these conspiracies will place them all in jeopardy, Constance is not deterred, even when the cost of her ambition threatens to overwhelm her Even when it endangers her new found happinessWith treason, tragedy, heartbreak and betrayal, this is the story of a woman ahead of her time, fighting for herself and what she believes to be right in a world of menPraise for A Tapestry of TreasonOBriens page turner vividly brings to life the restriction of women, and the compassion and strength of this real life figure from medieval times WomanAnne OBrien does not disappoint there are so many twists and turns If you love Philippa Gregory or Alison Weir, you will love Anne OBrien too My WeeklyA wonderful novel a rich, gripping, enchanting read Annes vivid writing took me straight to the yearand kept me wonderfully lost there throughout Joanna CourtneyA detailed portrayal of a fascinating character Womans WeeklyAn engaging novel of political intrigue ChoicePraise for Anne OBrienOBrien cleverly intertwines the personal and political in this enjoyable, gripping tale The TimesOBrien is a terrific storyteller Daily TelegraphA gripping story of love, heartache and political intrigue Woman HomePacked with drama, danger, romance and history the perfect reading choice for the long winter nights The Press AssociationA gripping historical drama Bella

10 thoughts on “A Tapestry of Treason: the most gripping escapist historical drama of 2020 from a Sunday Times bestselling author

  1. P. L. Tickell P. L. Tickell says:

    In spite of apparently being hard nosed and pretty ruthless, the lead character and narrator in Tapestry of Treason really engaged me At the end, I wept for her in spite of all the times she made perhaps the wrong decisions It was extremely interesting to read a different viewpoint on the nativity of the Wars of the Roses and I found it much engaging than the previous Queen of the North which also covered a similar time frame.The early Yorkists were clearly not a lucky group, held in Lancastrian thrall through every fault of their own For me the character of Constance of York was created in full detail Her reasons for her actions were laid open to the reader as were her reactions to the things that happened to her But she was not alone Other characters also come to life in this narrative that explores how a great family that of Edward III was riven by in fighting when the King Richard II ruled with favouritism.

  2. Mrs SCR Mintram-Mason Mrs SCR Mintram-Mason says:

    Superb story based on fact, full of intrigue and scandal, a must read for those addicted to medieval history.

  3. Mrs. Julie D. Ellis Mrs. Julie D. Ellis says:

    Excellent book well researched and gripping from start to finish Couldn t put it down If you enjoy this read Queen of the North by the same author and you will meet another charamistic mbervof the Holland family

  4. Ruth Ruth says:

    Another wonderful book by Anne O Brien she can do no wrong in my eyes It ties in nicely with Queen of the North, which I read a little while ago not sure which should be read first but both are set around the same time so probably doesn t matter.

  5. Yvonne Cunningham Yvonne Cunningham says:

    This book is by far not as good as the author s previous ones It is long and boring and repetitive It seems to be an example of a writer padding out the words to make the book longer and expensive.I couldn t get any sympathy with the main character at all.

  6. Kimberly Kimberly says:

    I knew that the writing would be good and that the story would be engaging as with all of Anne O Briens books However, I did not expect to find myself sympathising with Lady Despenser The characters were brought to life and I was impressed by the different angle I saw Constance from Such a great read, now onto the next.

  7. hertsj hertsj says:

    A delightful book about characters in history that rarely appear Recommended.

  8. angela williams angela williams says:

    It took me a while to get into this book as it took some time to get to know the main characters but once into it I was captivated Anne O Brien really brings history alive in a very engaging way.

  9. Marianne Piekkala-Fletcher Marianne Piekkala-Fletcher says:

    The character of Constance kept me engaged throughout this book Her life was no fairy tale but an interesting view of a woman of her times.Constance and her family sorely tested King Henry s patience, but we re never boring I can t wait for Anne s next book

  10. Sandee Sandee says:

    All history buffs love Anne O Brien Paints a portrait of a woman caught in her time.

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