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Minimalist Home: How to Declutter, Simplify Your Life for Better Calm and Focus This book is all about getting rid of clutter or unnecessary stuff in your life in order to make yourself productive and fulfilled It discusses what minimalism is and what you have to do to become a minimalistic individual It tells you about the benefits of this practice, so you can be motivated to modify your lifestyle and only live with the things you need This book also helps you learn about the principles and fundamentals of minimalism so that you can apply them to your own life.Through this book, you will learn that such thoughts and behaviors are not necessarily helpful If you want to live a peaceful and stress free life, you should get rid of the things or thoughts that weigh you down Overall it is informative guide and easy to understand. I appreciate that the author has divided the chapters into different parts of the house and has given lists on how to tackle them The personal stories from others were also inspiring. This was a great reminder of a lot of things I already knew, but it also helped me gain a new philosophy about owning things It renewed my motivation to organize and reduce, but it also helped me take it to a new level, such as helping me feel less guilty about getting rid of things I might need someday or increasing the value of empty space I am resolved to think much carefully about purchasing new things and to buy in smaller amounts to travel with less luggage to be generous to tread lightly in life I highly recommend this book, especially in our consumer oriented world. I am sure that minimalism is a great way to streamline home and achieve greater functionality I have found in this book the ways in which minimalism can bring a positive change into live for everyone. Would You Like To Learn How To Get Rid Of Things That Are Inessential To Your Life And That Are Just Weighing You Down This Audiobook Contains Concept Of Minimalism And The Benefits Declutter Your Mind, House, Workplace, Relationship, And Life Live With Less Stress And Focus Learn Skills And Tools To Get Rid Of The Inessential Have Time For The Essential Know What Is Essential In Your Life Benefits Of Having An Organized Home And Life Creating A Minimalist Mind Set Tips And Tricks To A Minimalist Home This Audiobook Will Help You In Understanding The Concept Of Minimalism And The Ways In Which It Can Affect Your Life This Audiobook Will Also Familiarize You With The Basic Principles Of Minimalism And The Value It Brings To Your Life And Getting Rid Of Clutter Or Unnecessary Stuff In Your Life In Order To Make Yourself Productive And Fulfilled It Discusses What Minimalism Is And What You Have To Do To Become A Minimalistic Individual It Tells You About The Benefits Of This Practice, So You Can Be Motivated To Modify Your Lifestyle And Only Live With The Things You Need Ask Yourself These Questions Do You Feel That You Are Struggling To Cope With Everyday Tasks At Home, Work, Business, And With Family Are You Finding It Hard To Manage Your Time Or Your Busy Schedule Do You Have Dreams And Personal Projects That Have Been Pending For A Long Time Because You Are Too Busy With Too Many Things In Your Life Do You Feel Stressed And Exhausted Keeping Up With A Fast Paced Hectic Lifestyle Through This Audiobook, You Will Learn That Such Thoughts And Behaviors Are Not Necessarily Helpful If You Want To Live A Peaceful And Stress Free Life, You Should Get Rid Of The Things Or Thoughts That Weigh You Down You Should Try Being Minimalistic So You Can Have Space For Better Things And Opportunities This Audiobook Tells You How You Can Have A Minimalist Home And Work Space So You Can Get Started With Being A Minimalist Minimalism Is Simply Not Only About A Way To Declutter Your Homes, But It Is Also A Way To Simplify Your Life Order Now And Add Meaning To Your Life And Shed Away The Unnecessary

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