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Writing Ourselves Whole: Using the Power of Your Own Creativity to Recover and Heal from Sexual Trauma Healing Victims Of Sexual Assault Through Transformative Journaling One In Six Women Is The Victim Of Sexual Assault Using Her Own Hard Won Wisdom, Author Jen Cross Shows How To Heal Through Journaling And Personal Writing Rape Victims And Victims Of Other Sexual Abuse Writing Ourselves Whole Is A Collection Of Essays And Creative Writing Encouragements For Sexual Trauma Survivors Who Want To Risk Writing A Different Story Each Short Chapter Offers Encouragement, Experience, And Exercises How To Change Your Life When You Can Find Language For The Stories That Are Locked Inside, You Can Change Your Life Talk Therapy Can Only Go So Far For The Millions Of Americans Struggling In The Aftermath Of Sexual Abuse And Sexual Assault, As Well As For Their Partners, Families, And Caregivers Survivors Of Childhood Sexual Trauma Are Strong And Vulnerable Enough To Bear Witness To Each Other S Truths, To Share And Learn New Languages For Our Experiences, To Throw Over The Simplistic Victim And Survivor Narratives That Permeate Mainstream Media In Favor Of Narratives That Are Fragmented, Complicated, Messy, And Ultimately Whole What You Ll Learn Inside Writing Ourselves Whole How To Reconnect With Your Creative Instinct Through Freewriting How Freewriting Can Help You Reclaim The Parts Of Yourself, And Your History, That You Were Never Supposed To Be Able To Name How Restorying The Old Myths About Sexual Trauma Survivors Can Set You Free How A Consistent Writing Practice Can Help Reconnect You With Your Creative Genius How And Why To Make Writing Part Of Your Regular Self Care Routine And Why, If You Don T Have A Self Care Routine, It S Time To Develop One Why Writing About Your Desires Is At Least As Important As Writing About Violence The Profound Joy And Power Of Writing In Community And Solidarity With Other Survivors

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    I am so excited to use this book, I have loved Jen s work for the longest time Being in the UK I have longed to attend her workshops, now I can be with her through her book It is clearly laid out and full of inspiration.

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    Beautifully written, inspiring and educating.It s not necessary to read it cover to Cover in one go can just as easilydipped into but once you start you will want to read .

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    Wonderful, insightful book Already it has helped so.much

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    As a survivor of sexual abuse, this book is returning my voice One of the many effects sexual abuse has had in my life is fear of writing When I thought of writing about my abuse I would freeze This book is showing me the way out of that silence and shame Jen beautifully and bravely tells her story and describes her method for writing to heal from trauma Finally, I am beginnin

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    This book is an incredible testament to the power of tapping into one s own creativity and writing in community as a path to transformative healing It is an inspiring and practical resource for survivors who want to write and writers who have survived inviting us to reclaim and strengthen our voices and live into the possibility of a future of our own imagining.Jen writes in a humble, w

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    Just wow I cannot even express how this book is EXACTLY what I hoped it would be, and so far beyond I cannot praise the author enough for how open she is, her profoundly sound advice, her encouragement,and her WISDOM I m just getting started on this journey, and feel so very blessed to have found this book straight away I cannot recommend this book enough, for sexual abuse survivors, but also for

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    Immediately captivating Powerfully emotional Not at all sensational The truth holds the reader in a strong loving embrace.allowing depth and memory to surface Transformation from polluted and dependent due to violent perpetration to the uncoiled and evolved nature of true self. Healing yes, and so much within these pages..what a gift to all Quin

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    We all suffer, in some manner Jen reminds us of the powerful healing effect of writing With ourselves as the audience, writing helps release and unleash and express in ways that piece us back together and make us whole, again.

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