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No Handcuffs: The Final Word on My War with The Krays Eddie Richardson Is The Last Brand Name Gangster Say The Name And The World Of Violent Criminality Grabs You By The Throat The Richardson Brothers, Eddie And Charlie, And Their Infamous Torture Gang , Made Money While Their Rivals Ronnie And Reggie Kray Made Fatal Mischief They Fought Each Other, But Now, In , Eddie Richardson Says, They Tell Me Blood Is Thicker Than Water, But With Charlie It Wasn T So He Was Evil With His Brother Dead, Eddie Richardson Feels Free To Detail The Story Of A Vicious Family Feud That Provoked Extravagant Acrimony No Handcuffs Unravels The Mysteries Of Decades Of Crime And Political Incident The Story Of A Turbulent Era, It Rivals The Most Imaginative Fiction In Its Portrayal Of Gangland Life With All Its Chanciness And Rawness And Careless Disregard For Any Obstacle On The Way To Its Target The Big Money In An Inspired Collaboration With Best Selling Author Douglas Thompson, The Mature Eddie Richardson Is Given A Voice To Reflect On His Journey From The Scrapyards Of South London To The Glitz And Glamour Of The West End Nightclubs, To The Flesh And Tease Of Soho, Down Downing Street And Through The Door Of Number To The Perils Of Espionage And International Intrigue, And His Elevation To Demigod Status In Hard Men Territory And Finally As A High Security Inmate At Her Majesty S Pleasure, But With A Personal Fridge Kept Well Stocked With Gourmet Food No Handcuffs Resonates Today For, If Anything, Greed And Corruption Are Perverse, Rampant As Eddie Richardson Points Out, We Wrote The Handbook For Them

8 thoughts on “No Handcuffs: The Final Word on My War with The Krays

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    I struggled to get through it It was ok and I enjoy the genre but found the complaining about how miserable a particular prison was ridiculous They re not supposed to be fun There s much better books out there

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    A very good read, quite honest and revealing.Although not a short read , i would have given it 5 stars had it been longer but i think thats the nature of the book , to keep you wanting .Eddies books are a much better read the his brother Charlies.

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    Fantastic Read Wow through adversity this man found beauty through his Art A true insight truth I felt about 60s gangsters lifestyle Thank you it was a real joy getting to know you through your book

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    Great read ,well written love this book

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    Great book Bought as a gift for my mum Great size and hardback Really interesting Highly recommend this product.

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    The book didn t flow, to be honest I have read better The book never really gripped me unlike some of the other criminal books I ve read.

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    A no holds barred account of Eddie Richardson s life and crimes Gripping from start to finish.Thoroughly recommend this book.

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    More revelations from a man who experienced it all first hand From the corruption of the police to a thought provoking description of Soho and the west end The beginning of the book even reveals the name of the Great train robber who was never caught, never served time and never gave the money back

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