Deviant Control: A dark Omegaverse science fiction romance (The Controllers Book 3)
            Part 1 of Lilly s storyWith her father on the ruling council, Doctor Lillian Brach had lived a coveted life.Rising to Director of the viral research program, she had carved a place for herself within the Empire.But her life plans changed the day she revealed as an Omega.Her former research partner, Erison Tsing, has assumed control of the program Her singularity unique Omega gift bringschallenges than benefits And Tsing s methods of testing her gift stamp over moral and ethical boundaries.Secretly suppressing her heat, and clinging to a measure of independence unheard of for an Omega, her life is precarious enough.But when the viral research center comes under attack, she makes some questionable decisions.Her escort soldier has been shotby her handshe was trying to save his life.Now she is trapped outside the safe zone, and enemy soldiers are closing in.Her father promised she would never be allocated a Controller But that s about to change I m not a humble person.I am confident in my capability, for all society considered me less important now because I m an Omega I was late to reveal my dynamic, and my personality was already firmly set You could not erase twenty five years of self belief, and I doubted a lifetime ever would.But, I m not infallible, and on the day Tolis was attacked I made some questionable choicesDoctor Lillian BrachPublisher s Note The Controllers is an action packed, dark romance series with a unique take on the MFM Omegaverse genre.

7 thoughts on “ Deviant Control: A dark Omegaverse science fiction romance (The Controllers Book 3)

  1. siobhan siobhan says:

    I loved the characters and the action just absolutely everything

  2. Kindle Customer Kindle Customer says:

    Why insist on 20 words for a review via kindle, I don t know Especially when I just want to say that I really enjoyed this book.

  3. Margot Mostert Margot Mostert says:

    Deviant Control Part 1 is the third installment in the Controller series L V Lane enhances the futuristic world that she built in the first two books L V Lane is a master of dialogue and writing extraordinary Alpha men and their rebellious women The characters are protective, strong, controlling and hot The plot is thrilling and full of action and suspense.We finally meet Dr Lillian Brach in book 3 and find out that she a special Omega Her Singularity is so severe that she needs not one but TWO Alpha Controller and yes, it is mega HOT Ethan is a beast and Ryker is psycho but oh, so sexy Lilly is kidnapped and her two Alphas are sent in to rescue her, and so her life changes This book is so good the series is one of my favorites This book is for mature audiences only who enjoy Alpha men taking control and demanding obedience from their Omegas.

  4. Emily Zisman Emily Zisman says:

    I do love Omegaverse stories, and I truly enjoyed Deviant Control, this author s version of O verse The main character, Dr Lillian Brach s dynamic revealed itself much later than normal for people in this society Up until her reveal she had been a strong, independent woman, and a leader in her career field Suddenly her status changes as an Omega, and not for the better This unfortunate fact forces her to face her deepest fears and her greatest insecurities More than that, Lilly, surrounded by the war that has just broken out, learns she must give herself over to her two new Alpha controllers She has no choice now that her Omega status has been revealed To Lilly it seems as though all her choices and freedoms have been taken away Her controllers are stern, experienced They expect the utmost obedience to their wills, and it s often a battle between them and Lilly In this Omegaverse, Omegas often develop special powers, and Lilly s is rare She must be protected at all costs Added to all this is the tension created by the grasping scientist who took Lilly s job from her and seems to only see her a test subject now, one he s only too willing to experiment on If you like O verse books, I think you ll agree this one is very satisfying and a 5 star read.

  5. BJ BJ says:

    Short and not at all sweet, fantastic sinfully steamy omega verse Although the h gets lost in the omega haze she s aware that the Alphas helping controlling her are different from other Alphas, just as she is different from other Omegas Another fast paced story, a great addition to the series and I can t wait for the next part I also liked that we get snippets of people from previous books This is a series that deserves to be re read from book 1 when each book is published Love it so much.

  6. Book Reader Book Reader says:

    I freaking love Ethan and Ryker I was surprised Lily was so vulnerable in this book, but it made sense for her to be after what happened I m looking forward to

  7. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Ths was really awesome, love the two Alphas, and the new spin on this whole world Disappointed with no knots, though.

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