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Ultralearning: Accelerate Your Career, Master Hard Skills and Outsmart the Competition Future Proof Your Career And Maximise Your Competitive Advantage By Learning The Skill Necessary To Stay Relevant, Reinvent Yourself And Adapt To Whatever The Workplace Throws Your Way In This Essential Guide Faced With Tumultuous Economic Times And Rapid Technological Change, Staying Ahead In Your Career Depends On Continual Learning A Lifelong Mastery Of New Ideas, Subjects And Skills If You Want To Accomplish And Stand Apart From Everyone Else, You Need To Become An Ultralearner Scott Young Incorporates The Latest Research About The Most Effective Learning Methods And The Stories Of Other Ultralearners Like Himself Among Them Ben Franklin, Judit Polgar And Richard Feynman, As Well As A Host Of Others, Such As Little Known Modern Polymaths Like Nigel Richards, Who Won The World Championship Of French Scrabble Without Knowing French Young Documents The Methods He And Others Have Used And Shows That, Far From Being An Obscure Skill Limited To Aggressive Autodidacts, Ultralearning Is A Powerful Tool Anyone Can Use To Improve Their Career, Studies, And Life Ultralearning Explores This Fascinating Subculture, Shares The Nine Principles Behind Every Successful Ultralearning Project, And Offers Insights Into How You Can Organise And Execute A Plan To Learn Anything Deeply And Quickly, Without Teachers Or Budget Busting Tuition Costs Whether The Goal Is To Be Fluent In A Language Or Languages , Earn The Equivalent Of A College Degree In A Fraction Of The Time Or Master Multiple Skills To Build A Product Or Business From The Ground Up, The Principles In Ultralearning Will Guide You To Success

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    This book is about nothing, the beginning goes on and on how some guy had ultralearned topics, without going into actual detail as to how, pages and pages, of stories Then when it gets into detail mid book, you are told about these principles of ultralearning like sharpen your focus, research the subject you re

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    Ironic that I should find this book hard to learn from, apparently I m in the minority though Like one of the 5 star reviewers, I rarely leave reviews, but this book is driving me nuts so to give me a break from it I m writing a review of it.It meanders through anecdotes and explanation in a way that you can t ex

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    I absolutely loved this book Whilst I had heard about Scott Young previously, I had not read any of his books and I have now become a big fan.The book starts with a Forward from James Young the Author of Atomic Habits I highly recommend that book as well and James reflects how his success from an unproven author t

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    Ultralearning is a strategy for acquiring skills and knowledge that is both self directed and intense The book is Young s clear, concise, and well written explanation of how to master this strategy The excellent chapter on metalearning alone is worth the price of the book and the rest is full of insights and tips t

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    This is a really good book for anyone who wants to break down a subject and learn it quickly I bought a copy for both my girlfriend and I.She instantly started a project to get a new job, and used all the principles to learn about the company, she landed the job and is learning everything about the products.Her next

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    Very disappointed This book is basic, unimaginative and frankly boring Essentially it tells you to have a goal, research and plan your learning, set time aside and then work hard at learning it What s new Scott Don t waste your money on this book If you took the stories out of this book there wouldn t be much of it l

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