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Ernest Hemingway on Writing An Assemblage Of Reflections On The Nature Of Writing And The Writer From One The Greatest American Writers Of The Th Century Throughout Hemingway S Career As A Writer, He Maintained That It Was Bad Luck To Talk About Writing That It Takes Off Whatever Butterflies Have On Their Wings And The Arrangement Of Hawk S Feathers If You Show It Or Talk About It Despite This Belief, By The End Of His Life He Had Done Just What He Intended Not To Do In His Novels And Stories, In Letters To Editors, Friends, Fellow Artists, And Critics, In Interviews And In Commissioned Articles On The Subject, Hemingway Wrote Often About Writing And He Wrote As Well And As Incisively About The Subject As Any Writer Who Ever Lived This Book Contains Hemingway S Reflections On The Nature Of The Writer And On Elements Of The Writer S Life, Including Specific And Helpful Advice To Writers On The Craft Of Writing, Work Habits, And Discipline The Hemingway Personality Comes Through In General Wisdom, Wit, Humor, And Insight, And In His Insistence On The Integrity Of The Writer And Of The Profession Itself From The Preface By Larry W Phillips As other reviewers have commented, this is not a text book on creative writing Nor is it an analysis of Hemingway s style However, it does give you some insight into how the master approached the job craft Vocation of writing, what it means to make a living as a writer when you are dependent on opinions, the opinions of readers, critics, other writers What it means to get up every day thinking today I have to write.how many words Much of the material comes from Hemingway s letters to writers, such as F Scott Fitzgerald, and publishers, and what becomes clear is that although it s possible for writers to form some kind of fellowship with other writers, ultimately as a writer you are alone, with a blank sheet of paper and a legion of onlookers peering over your shoulder who desperately want you to succeed or fail Other material is taken from his non fiction, such as The Green Hills of Africa and Death in the Afternoon I only read the former a few weeks ago and I struggled to recognise the extracts, so it was useful to see them again in a new context.A couple of things struck me 1 Hemingway s thoughts on writers he considered great came as a bit of a surprise Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Flaubert, et al though it s notable that there are no women in the list apart from a brief mention of Gertrude Stein Surprising because Hemingway doesn t write like any of them as far as I can see I suppose he developed a unique style by avoiding what they do as in long, complicated novels with multiple plots and perspectives and zillions of characters.2 He was really sensitive about people delving into his private life, although by the standards of the time, I don t think there s anything exceptional there compared to other male celebrities, such as film stars etc four wives, some heavy drinking and a passion for pastimes beyond the reach of ordinary mortals However, you begin to get a sense of that paranoia that eventually led him to believe the FBI were tailing him, for which he was prescribed electro convulsive therapy in the final months of his life It turned out he was right The FBI kept a file on him for twenty years.I ve read a lot of Hemingway, so there wasn t much here that surprised me However, I ve never read a decent biography, partly because I m anxious I might learn something I don t want to know I m already aware of the profound criticisms of his writing and his personality, much of which is probably fair, especially from a feminist perspective And, of course, in the 21st century all that bull fighting and big game hunting is now deeply problematic.I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand how and why Hemingway wrote and who believes that might help them in some way with their own writing If it inspires you to read some Hemingway or to find a good biography or analysis of his writing, then great You ll find that extremely rewarding. If you are a beginner to writing, this book contains much advice that can help make you a better writer If you have lived and written much, this book will help you understand why the advice it contains just by reading it is so important to becoming a better writer So, what you get from this book very much depends on where you are on your journey as a writer.I can recommend this as a valuable book to add to anyone s experience of writing, whatever level it may be at that is assuming they have the continued desire to become a better writer. I decided to take a punt on this book, despite some of the reviews, and I m glad I did While it s not a write your own novel book, it s a collection of Hemingway s reflections on writing over the years, pulled together by theme instead of chronology Sometimes it s provoking, sometimes poignant, sometimes you can hear the great man going twenty rounds with his own human struggle with articulation If you take it as a personal comment on what it was like for EH to write to the standard that won him the Nobel and sees him as one of the greatest American writers , then it is well worth the cover price If you want a writing course, look elsewhere This book has enough inspiration and insight into what it is to struggle alone as every writer has to with what it is to try to write something decent, to make it well worth making the space on the bookshelf.

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