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Inside Broadmoor: The Sunday Times Bestseller The Sunday Times Top BestsellerThere Is Time And Then There Is Broadmoor Time Broadmoor Few Place Names In The World Have Such Chilling Resonance For Over Years, It Has Contained The UK S Most Violent, Dangerous And Psychopathic Since Opening As An Asylum For The Criminally Insane In It Has Housed The Perpetrators Of Many Of The Most Shocking Crimes In History Including Jack The Ripper Suspect James Kelly, Serial Killers Peter Sutcliffe, John Straffen And Kenneth Erskine, Armed Robber Charles Bronson, Gangster Ronnie Kray, And Cannibal Peter Bryan The Truth About What Goes On Behind The Victorian Walls Of The High Security Hospital Has Largely Remained A Mystery, But Now With Unprecedented Access TV Journalist Jonathan Levi And Cultural Historian Emma French Paint A Vivid Picture Of Life At Broadmoor, After Nearly A Decade Observing And Speaking To Those On The Inside Including Interviews With The Staff, Its Experts And The Patients Themselves, Inside Broadmoor Is The Most Comprehensive Study Of The Institution To Date Published At The Dawn Of A New Era For The Hospital, This Is The Full Story Of Broadmoor S Past, Present And Future And A Dark But Enlightening Journey Into The Minds Of Britain S Most Dangerous And How They Are Treated

8 thoughts on “Inside Broadmoor: The Sunday Times Bestseller

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    I found this book to be extremely poorly structured and put together It s so badly written as to be bordering on incoherent at times Riddled with sensationalist language and immature exclamations suited to a childrens book, there are no deep or even remotely meaningful insights offered in this book about Broadmoor, its patients and staff A book I very much wish I had not wasted my money on.

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    Poorly written and prurient Utterly boring Made me feel vaguely grubby for reading it If you are excited to read anything however turgid about various so called famous criminals then you may like it I couldn t finish it Yawn

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    Fantastic inside review on life in Broadmoor.

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    Pretty boring read and felt let down.

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    Really enjoyed the book Gave a clear overview and understanding of what Broad was like as an institution Recommend

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    Interesting insight.

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    very good book

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    Great book

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