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The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity Many People Take Math In High School And Promptly Forget Much Of It But Math Plays A Part In All Of Our Lives All Of The Time, Whether We Know It Or Not In The Joy Of X, Steven Strogatz Expands On His Hit New York Times Series To Explain The Big Ideas Of Math Gently And Clearly, With Wit, And Insight Whether He Is Illuminating How Often You Should Flip Your Mattress To Get The Maximum Lifespan From It, Explaining Just How Google Searches The Internet, Or Determining How Many People You Should Date Before Settling Down, Strogatz Shows How Math Connects To Every Aspect Of Life Discussing Pop Culture, Medicine, Law, Philosophy, Art, And Business, Strogatz Is The Math Teacher You Wish You D Had Whether You Aced Integral Calculus Or Aren T Sure What An Integer Is, You Ll Find Profound Wisdom And Persistent Delight In The Joy Of X

8 thoughts on “The Joy of x: A Guided Tour of Math, from One to Infinity

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    Some interesting takes on maths that had me smiling, and actually laughing out loud in a couple of places.Pity maths teachers were the way they were when I was at school, w

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    This little gem neatly encapsulates the brilliance that is the Kindle, but also its Achilles heel.I got the Kindle version of this book for approx 1.50 less than a magazine or Sunday

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    I have been reading a couple of books on different math subjects, particularly calculus and algebra recently This book gave a very interesting overview of mathematics, and mathematical reasoni

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    As I stagger through my sixties, I m finding renewed interest and excitement in books about subjects that I studied at school and university forty to fifty years ago Back then all text books were turgid

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    This book is well written and a pleasure to read.The author covers a very long list of topics in a very intuitive pleasant way.At the end you have a gut feeling of things like uniform convergence and topological

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    The book managed to make me finish it which is not an easy task for a book about mathematics Recommended.

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    I bought this book for somebody with Maths phobia, but on reading it found it very entertaining and contains some novel approaches to things such as Pythagoras.I used to teach a variety of subjects, including maths this would have b

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    Prompt delivery, as always from Book is amazingly interesting Would reccomend this to everyone, it explains even the simple most things in a new interesting way 5 5

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