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The Way of the Master Jesus Was Not Afraid To Shake People Up He Spoke Openly Of Their Sinful Nature And The Righteousness Of God He Forced People To Confront Their Sin Head On, And He Brought Them Face To Face With Their Need For Salvation Because He Loved Them Who Do You Know Who Isn T Saved If They Died Tonight, Where Would They Spend Eternity Do You Care If So, What Are You Doing To Help Them The Way Of The Master Will Put A Great Tool Into Your Hand And Will Teach You How To Share The Message Of The Gospel Simply, Biblically, And Without Fear The Way Jesus Did You Will Become Equipped To Confidently Lead Anyone A Friend, Family Member, Coworker, Neighbor, Or Stranger On The Street, And You Will Have A Clear Understanding Of Repentance And What It Means To Be A True And Active Follower Of Jesus Christ WHAT THIS BOOK TEACHES SIMPLY WORKS IT S ALSO A MIRROR OF THE SOUL.TRY ITYOU WILL LIKE IT THEIR WEB SITE HAS VIDEO CLIPS OF THEM DEMONSTRATINGTHIS BOOK LIVE IN ACTION IN A REALITY TV FORMAT.SO HOW MUCH IS A SOUL WORTH DEAR GOD GIVE US A HEART FOR A NATION THAT DOSEN T CALL UPON YOUR NAME.LAY DOWN THE MONEY AND PICK UP HIS WORDBOW YOUR HEART AT THE FEET OF THE LORD WOULD YOU SELL AN EYE FOR 1,000,000 BOTH EYES FOR 10.000.000 HOW MUCH IS YOUR SOUL WORTH THIS BOOK IS A GOOD ANSWER FOR THE LONG UNANSWERED QUESTION WHY AM I HERE ON PLANET EARTH THIS LEADS TO ANOTHER WHERE AM I GOING WHEN I GIVE UP MY EARTH SUIT CHRIS TOMLIN S SONG SAYS IT ALL I LIFT MY HANDS What a difference this book will make to anyone serious about evangelism It gives a great methodology and is supported by lots of videos and other resources via the Living Waters Youtube channel and website In my opinion it isn t perhaps quite as universal a methodology as Ray Comfort would argue though he knows about it than me of course but it is none the less very good indeed It can get a bit heavy on anecdotes but then it is a book that comes out of California, USA even though Ray is originally from New Zealand This is a must read for everyone who is reborn. This book changed my life It helped me understand God better, his ways, his priorities and what he wants from us Thanks, Ray for being obedient and for being a blessing. Not only is it a great book on evangelism to seek and save the lost Also Ray Comforts understanding of Scripture has been greatly blessed by his obedience to serving Christ and this book demonstrates it The insights into the teachings of Jesus come from a real walk and obedience to the great commission There are insights in this book you would never get in church sermons from guys who are teaching like college lecturers and have no spiritual depth Such a reminder to the importance of the Law and its proper use. This book is a must read for any christian believer It calls each one to actively share their faith in the Lord Jesus Sitting on the fence is no longer an option. Brilliant book about the Way of the Master Jesus Christ Great book for every Christian to read. When you read this book especially when you re an evangelist yearning to reach the lost and you re looking for something, the key, because you know, you feel, that something is missing in your preaching and sharing the gospel you ll find yourself leaping for joy and shouting out YES, YES, YES, this is it, I have found it.finally And you think but of course The Law Of course, the Law first, then Grace This book is very comprehensive and full on Worth rereading x number of times Gold Keep it forever Never let it go Let it work for you Be always reminded Because millions, billions, are perishing as time goes by They need to fear and hear We need compassion We need to go.

About the Author: Ray Comfort

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Way of the Master book, this is one of the most wanted Ray Comfort author readers around the world.

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