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Wicca Herbal Magic: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Herbal Magic, with a List of Magic Herbs to Start Simple Magic Spells Do You Want To Know Wicca Herbal Magic And Its Secrets Do You Know Why It Is So Used And Important Have You Ever Found Yourself Feeling Connected Spiritually To Plant Like Around You If You Want To Rejoin The Earth While Respecting Nature And Immersing Yourself In The Wicca World, Then Keep Reading Perhaps You Are Interested In The Way That You Can Enhance The Magic That You Are Already Experimenting With Whether You Are A Seasoned Witch Or Someone Who S Even Skeptical About The Energy Of Plants, You Will Find Something Beneficial For Your Mind, Body, And Soul Within This Book Studies Show That Plants Aren T Just Living Things That Provide Nourishment To Other Life Plants Are Important Because They Have Energy Within Them That Can Be Transferred And Manipulated It Can Be Exhausting To Go Throughout Our Day To Day Lives With Negative Energy And Toxic Vibrations You Might Find That You Are Always In A Bad Mood, You Are Chronically Exhausted, Or Even That You Simply Just Aren T Very Happy In Order To Change Your Life For The Better And Use Your Powers To Bring Good Into Your Surroundings, You Should Start To Incorporate Plant Life Into Your Wiccan Rituals Throughout This Book, We Are Going To Cover The Story Of Herbalism What Makes Up An Herb The Power Within Herbs How To Start Your Garden Which Herbs You Should Pick How To Store And Dry Herbs What Magical Properties Herbs Have Spells For Protection, Wealth, Love, And How To Make Magical Creations Like Perfumes And Teas Beginner Spells For Wiccans And Much Your Spirituality Is Important You Want To Ensure That You Have A Healthy Mind Which Focuses On What Is The Most Essential In Your Life A Healthy Body Is Also Crucial For Longevity What Many Of Us Forget About Is The Spirit That Exists Within Us Whether You Believe In Magic Or Not, It S Important That We Are Making Sure Our Spirit Is Protected Many Things We Experience In Our Lives Such As Heartbreak, Loss, Disappointment, And Other Devastations Can Break Our Spirit It Can Damage Our Souls Herbs Can Cleanse You Of The Things That You Have Experienced They Can Heal Any Pain That You Might Still Hold Onto They Can Replenish Positive Energy In Your Life They Can Give You Clarity To See What You Need To Do In Order To Live Your Best Life Possible Simply Having An Herb Isn T Going To Bring You Immediate Power It Is The Care, Focus, And Attention That You Are Giving These Plants That Is Going To Awaken Your Spirituality When You Take Time To Thank The Earth For What It Has Given Us And Reflect On The Future Of Your Soul, It Becomes Much Easier To Establish A Level Of Spirituality To Give You Your Best Life Possible Having Plants In Your Home Help To Clean The Air Gardening Can Be A Relaxing Way To Wind Down Caring For Something Can Teach You Responsibility And Help You Feel Good About Yourself Whatever Your Intentions Are, You Can Find Aide With Herbal Magic The World Of Wicca Herbal Magic Is Waiting For You With This Book, You Will Get Into Nature Universe But It Is Just The Beginning, Buy This Book Now And Get Ready For An Energetic Trip

About the Author: Lisa Shadows

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Wicca Herbal Magic: The Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Herbal Magic, with a List of Magic Herbs to Start Simple Magic Spells book, this is one of the most wanted Lisa Shadows author readers around the world.

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    Despite everything I don t have a sense of security turning out into this present reality and feel like individuals would chuckle at me for considering myself a Witch.Excellent book for learners who are looking for data on Wicca It was

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    This is a starter direct for home grown work It starts with a little history of home grown use before At that point, it gives short exchanges on 13 herbs and how they have been utilized before and can be utilized as of now Next is a dialog on t

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    The cover alone is stunning The content is great Perfect addition for any naturist out there.This book will help you in your voyage for throwing spells, supporting your most profound want, enthusiasm love, fantastic well being, the riches you been imag

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    It was a quick easy read With lots of info It is a good book for beginners And gives simple spells and how to do them step by step I also like how at the end she includes the charts of herbs and oils and their meanings It s easy to look up that way.

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    It includes information relating to health using herbs in rituals spells She describes the properties of each herb so eloquently The spells at the end of the book are great to I would definitely recommend adding this to your Wiccan library.

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