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Gladiators, Pirates and Games of Trust: How Game Theory, Strategy and Probability Rule Our Lives An Accessible, Light Hearted Exploration Into Game Theory Haim Shapira Describes What It Is, Why It Is Important, And How It Can Help Us In Our Daily Lives This Audiobook Provides Many Humorous Anecdotes And Insightful Examples Of How Our Daily Lives Are Affected By Game Theory Game Theory Is The Mathematical Formalization Of Interactive Decision Making It Assumes That Each Player S Goal Is To Maximize His Her Benefit, Whatever It May Be Players May Be Friends, Foes, Political Parties, States, Or Any Entity That Behaves Interactively, Whether Collectively Or Individually One Of The Problems With Game Analysis Is The Fact That, As A Player, It S Very Hard To Know What Would Benefit Each Of The Other Players Some Of Us Are Not Even Clear About Our Own Goals Or What Might Actually Benefit Us Haim Shapira Uses Multiple Examples To Explain What Game Theory Is And How The Different Interactions Between Decision Makers Can Play Out In This Audiobook, You Will Meet The Nobel Laureate John F Nash And Familiarize Yourself With His Celebrated Equilibrium Learn The Basic Ideas Of The Art Of Negotiation Visit The Gladiators Ring And Apply For A Coaching Position Build An Airport And Divide Inheritance Issue Ultimatums And Learn To Trust

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    At first sight game theory would seem to have very little connection with everyday events and much to do with psychologists conducting experiments with groups of volunteers But it actually has a great deal to do with many of out interactions with other people, whether between two people or between groups of people The principles also apply between nations and the autho

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    I have been fascinated by game theory for sometime Beyond watching a few documentaries about it, I know relatively little I toyed with the idea of reading Neumann s and Morgenstern s book but at a hefty 40 price tag I thought something accessable was, perhaps, in order I plumbed for this one.Shapira s book gives a good grounding in the princples of game theory and how it can

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    For most of this book I didn t really see the point, perhaps the explanations were lacking or something The chapter at the end, presenting or summarising conclusions was in my opinion quite badly written I didn t see much explanation of how The Theory could be used in real life the Diner s Dilemma for example is surely just a matter of common sense and how to keep your friends by n

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    Fantastic read I found this book enlightening and entertaining all at once I could hardly put it down.Shapira has a distinctive voice, always walking a fine line between complex issues and simple but not simplistic explanations that everyone can enjoy, no matter their background.

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    Well written, it may start you wondering if your friends are really what they seem Then again, maybe the strategies will make you wonder if you can get one over on them without them realising

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    I am enjoying the book immensely, but the 3 stars is for my Kindle copy reading it on a mobile device other than a Kindle Every time there is a description of the possible outcomes of a particular game, at least half of a couple of the outcomes is missing These explanations are what helps make the book could someone please fix this

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    Not a bad book Quite light on science but an easy and enjoyable read.

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    This book is specifically for those interested in strategic thinking It is a brain twister rather than a light read.

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