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Mason Bee Revolution: How the Hardest Working Bee can Save the World - One Backyard at a Time The National Media Regularly Features Dire Stories On Honeybee Colony Collapse And Its Danger To Our Food Supply But There S Another, Unsung Bee That Has The Potential To Save The Planet The Mason Bee Mason Bee Revolution Explains How Docile, Hard Working, Solitary Mason Bees And Their Compatriots, The Leafcutter Bees Are Even Productive Pollinators Than Honeybees, And Keeping Them Can Be A Fun, Easy, Backyard Hobby For Gardeners, Conservationists, Foodies, And Families Everywhere While Scientists Search For Answers To Save The Honeybee, Dave Hunter And His Company, Crown Bees, Are Leading The Effort To Increase The Population Of Other Highly Efficient Pollinators One Mason Bee Can Produce Pounds Of Cherries, Via Pollination, Where It Would Take Honey Bees To Achieve The Same Mason Bee Revolution Is An Easy To Follow Guide To Keeping Both Mason And Leafcutter Bees It Tells You How To Set Up, Care For, And Harvest Your Own Bees And What Types Of Plants And Habitat Encourage Mason And Leafcutter Bees, As Well As Provides General Information On Other Common Pollinators And Bee Related Facts, Projects, And Personalities

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    I am a long time honey beekeeper and am expanding my habitat and housing for these solitary bees in recent years.This is hands down, my most useful guide on the highly productive Mason Bee.I found it to be particularly helpful as I design and install nesting houses with tubes that facilitate the female orchard bee egg

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    I m on the learning curve about bees and providing habitat and shelter for them I contemplated raising honey, but it s just than I want to take on I am interested in mason bees and used this book among others to educate myself I haven t yet tried to attract them but plan to as part or an overall garden design that is creature a

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    Great book to give the details on supporting Mason bees These little guys do pollinating than honeybees and don t sting I am eager to raise them and pollinate the mango tree next door that flowers and then doesn t fruit Mason bees to the rescue Great fun.

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    I was hoping that this book would have some nice photos and I was not disappointed There are a good number of nice color photos in the front of the book and the rest of the book has black and white pictures There is a lot of information on why Mason bees are important and on how to care for them Since I am interested in the subject it was an intere

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    I am really glad I got this book It is very informative if you are a beginner is easy to understand It, also, has a nice resource section in the back of the book The book was worth buying a necessity for a beginner mason or leaf cutter bee keeper.

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