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Creativity, Spirituality, and Making a Buck When a book is able to find common ground among 3 seemingly diverging streams, it s a win I feel enriched and motivated having explored the Buddhist insight, practical business strategies and creative inspiration which were delivered with humor and wisdom. I enjoyed working through some of the exercises in this book it s very experiential It makes you think and look at business interactions in a different way I also enjoyed David s personal story and experiences A fun read for anyone who wants to be an effective manager or is looking for advice on entrepreneurship with integrity. This book is like having a compassionate mentor walking you through all the pieces of putting together and acting upon whatever internal vision you ve been thinking about, but never actually made a reality David Nichtern writes in such a frank and easily readable way that it s easy to get sucked in The integrated workbook questions get you thinking about the larger picture of what you want to do right away, and keep you focused not just on what excited you about the idea, but what the practical steps would be to actually manifesting it An absolute must for anyone thinking about striking out on their own, or any business owner wanting to bring mindfulness into their work and offering I feel like I just found the missing piece in figuring out what I actually want to be doing Nichtern takes three concepts that seem incongruent Creativity, Spirituality and Making a Buck and offers practical advice and insight on how to effectively combine them The written exercises prompted much self reflection and helped me to formulate my creative offerings into a practical vision that I could potentially earn a living from and still express my authentic self The book is filled with dharma insights, humor and practical business wisdom The Never Negotiate Against Yourself chapter and Surviving vs Thriving were extremely enlightening Nichtern is truly an alchemist, and this book is gold. A Friendly, Funny, Practical Guide For Creatives And Entrepreneurs, Written By A Four Time Emmy Award Winning And Two Time Grammy Nominated Composer Guitarist Producer Who Has Worked With Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, Jerry Garcia, Lana Del Rey, And Krishna Das, Among Many Others Also A Beloved And Highly Regarded Buddhist Teacher, David Teaches Listeners How To Integrate Their Creative Process With Their Spiritual Practice And Livelihood How Do I Make A Living Doing What I Love Am I A Sellout As An Artist If I Want To Be Successful How Do I Integrate My Spiritual Principles With The Art Of Running A Business And Actually, Um, How Do I Run A Business Wondering How To Reconcile Your Calling With Your Need To Make A Living Wage, Or What To Do Once Your Art Starts Selling, Or How To Achieve Success In Your Field, Or What It Even Means To Be Successful David Nichtern Offers His Lived, Learned Experience As An Entrepreneur, Musician, And Buddhist Teacher To First Help You Figure Out What Success Means To You And Then Show You How To Get There He Offers Advice On The Creative Process And Principles Of Business And Ethics Everything From Listen To The Muse To Protect Your Intellectual Property And Provides Mindfulness Exercises To Help You Integrate Inspiration And Aspiration, Vocation, And Avocation To Go From Surviving To Thriving Whether You Re A Baker Trying To Grow From The Farmer S Market To A Brick And Mortar Or A CEO Exploring How Taking Care Of Your Employees Can Be The Same As Taking Care Of Your Business If You Re Trying To Align Your Spiritual, Creative, And Financial Pursuits And Discover What It Means To Truly Live Well, This Audiobook Is For You

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