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The Suspicions of Mr. Whicher: or The Murder at Road Hill House Bloomsbury Presents The Suspicions Of Mr Whicher By Kate Summerscale, Read By Jessica Ball An Exquisite New Edition Of The True Crime Classic A Classic John Le Carr Saville S Corpse, Already Stiff, Was Laid On A Table Beneath The Kitchen Window Upstairs The Shape Of His Sleeping Self Was Still Indented On The Sheets And Pillow Of The Cot On A Summer S Morning In , The Kent Family Awakes In Their Elegant Wiltshire Home To A Terrible Discovery Their Youngest Son Has Been Brutally Murdered When Celebrated Detective Jack Whicher Is Summoned From Scotland Yard He Faces The Unenviable Task Of Identifying The Killer When The Grieving Family Are The Suspects The Original Victorian Whodunnit, The Murder And Its Investigation Provoked National Hysteria At The Thought Of What Might Be Festering Behind The Locked Doors Of Respectable Homes Scheming Servants, Rebellious Children, Insanity, Jealousy, Loneliness And Loathing

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    An enjoyable read The first 2 3 of the book developed the mystery which was exciting I enjoyed the level of detail initially as it provided a context for the events and painted a picture of life in the 1800 s The role of the press, the infancy of the police service, the value of basic goods and salaries, criminal and detective techniques etc In the latter 1 3 of the b

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    I know it s each to their own but I do think that some of the negative reviewers here have missed the point I can understand the disappointment somewhat, given the cover now features Paddy Considine from the tv drama of the book, but this book is not fiction It is a factual retelling of a real case, of a family s secrets, a police detective s determination, of Victorian Eng

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    Reading this, I felt that the style and the subject was suited to a shorter magazine article.Sometimes it would be getting to an interesting bit in the story, when it would veer off on a tangent Of course, you were looking forward to the detective arriving at the house to see what he would do, but there were too many diversions onto topics of what life was like in those days it

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    The Suspicions of Mr Whicher details an investigation into a child murder which took place in 1860 at Road Hill House in Wiltshire As the author Kate Summerscale makes clear from the start this was the first highly publicised who dunnit style murder mystery to fascinate the press and the British public This true life case became the original inspiration for every fictional detective no

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    It is really good to find a book so extensively and thoroughly researched, so convincing and in the best sense entertaining This true story of the investigation of a Victorian murder is the enthralling in the knowledge that it was an investigation in which none of the forensic facilities we now take so much for granted were available to the investigators Fascinating stuff.

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