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66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God That Invites You into His Story Very good, easy way to understand the Word of God This is by far one of the best books I have ever read, though I have been reading the Bible for years I actually had read this book before buying my own digital copy and will be going back to this again and again as well as listening to the narration Next I plan to read each book of the Bible along with looking at its corresponding notes from this book The author s insight into what God is doing in our lives to bring us to Himself is so deep, so clear and so helpful You can also access a series of 20 videos on YouTube from the 100 Huntley Street program in which Jim Cantelon asks the author questions about the book as they go through it together So glad I purchased this and the audio version together an amazing book very recommened I received a copy of this book to read and review under the Thomas Nelson BookSneeze review scheme It has taken me a while to review as while I liked the concept for the book, I found it too much to read in a couple of sittings The general idea is of a conversation between God, as author and the reader, with the reader asking questions and God showing how the different books of the Bible fit together as a coherent whole.It is not difficult to read on one level, the book is accessible and written in an easy to read style The chapters on each book of the Bible are not too long and each chapter can be read in a single setting However I found that I wanted to read the relevant scripture alongside and that does take a lot longer I won t say I read it all, but I was certainly skimming through each book, if only to check what I was reading I had both positive and negative feelings about the book On one hand I liked how it tied the whole Bible together, bringing out a coherent presentation of the character of God, an overall story arc and consistent themes occurring throughout scripture I feel that all these are important However I also felt that many issues were dealt with only on the surface, or that complex issues and detailed stories were summarized too briefly That however is bound to happen in a book that wishes to be generally accessible and of a reasonable length My main concern with the book however was in its format, with replies given as if God were speaking, putting words in the mouth of God, with God explaining the Bible At times this left me feeling rather uncomfortable, and at other times it seemed as if God either had to explain Himself or was being analysed neither of which seem to fit a scriptural interpretation Would I recommend it With a caveat that it is only one person s interpretation or thoughts and no , yes I would It will sit well alongside other books that look at the Bible in detail, both devotional and study guides This book is neither, but provides an additional approach that may be helpful. I am leading 20 women in an online reading of 66 Love Letters alongside of reading through the Bible in one year 66 Love Letters is the best book I ve ever read in stirring me to engage in honest self examination because I see glimpses of the Love and Provision of a very Good, Holy God Crabb offers four decades of working with people as a psychologist to invite us to so much than what we are experiencing We all battle the world, the flesh and the devil but I am seeing there is way evil in me than I ever recognized Crabb has exposed for me the evil in my necessity, reasonableness, efficiency, even moral goodness I have sobbed over my demandingness that God cooperate with my agenda I am in the middle of cancer, foreclosure, job loss, insurance loss, betrayal, and am homeless my husband and I are living with friends I am desperate for truth and at times desperate for relief But, in the midst of mitigating circumstances that should sideline me, Larry Crabb has invited me through 398 pages onto the dance floor to find a Love I know not I m not very good at the waltz but my Beautiful God has grabbed hold of my right arm Psalm 63 8 and He is not letting go of me and it s all right here in these 66 Love Letters With every book of 66 Love Letters, this author gives me hope not just by seismic exposure but by leading me to the One Who Loves me so I am wrestling and learning from this book to live concerned about my unholiness than about my overwhelming pain and that has to be God It s only a taste but I am a tad little privileged by the high calling of my Christ than unsettled by my pain God will rouse Himself up to do His Work in you, a very Strange Work through 66 Love Letters Isaiah 28 21 I would be beside myself on this journey if it weren t for God using this book in my life at this time If you read one book this year, here it is This author is a modern day Ezekiel gripped in the Love of God, calling us to visit untouched places in our hearts, beckoning us to walk into a Door of Hope Hosea 2 14 66 Love Letters Bev Brandon As a longtime Christian, I thought I would just zip through this book and pick up a few nuggets of wisdom along the way But the way the author presents the 66 books of the Bible as very personal and direct conversations with God, I was immediately spellbound and heard the Bible in a way I had never seen it presented before.By my own choice and thorough enjoyment , I read this book every morning over the course of almost a year I woke up each morning anxious to get into the 66 Love Letters because it was so personal and so direct and because the author admitted he, a devout, well educated Christian struggled with some of the same sinful issues as I How refreshing it was to see that transparency and honesty I highly recommend this book and hope you feel the closeness and intimacy it created in me as I began to see God in a much personal way. I love this book As I tried to read the bible through in a year, and I chose the chronological version, I became so overwhelmed by the wrath of God and the destruction of entire cities and peoples I had to put it down I could not see how God revealed His love for us with all that violent judgement 66 Love Letters is beautifully written to help me see how God does reveal His love, display His holiness and affirms my own doubts and questions I can t wait to read the next chapter So far Leviticus is my favorite believe it or not This is a great read I have enjoyed this book I gives you a good feeling It is like your getting a letter from a good friend I have 4 copies of this book and given it to friends as gifts or thank you gifts if they helped me with something I m sure I will get. Forever Change The Way You Look At The Bibleand Your Own Life Have You Ever Read The Bible Only To Come Away Confused Ever Wondered If God Actually Had You In Mind When He Began Telling His Story Though Life May Not Be Going According To Your Plan, God Has Another One, Far Better Than You Can Imagine From Genesis To Revelation, Experience His Invitation To Get You Dancing With Joy In Love Letters Larry Crabb Offers A Fresh, Relational Look At Scripture When You Finish Reading My First Love Letter To You, I Want You To Realize That I Never Underestimated How Thoroughly You D Mess Up Your Life Or How Painfully You Would Struggle And Suffer, And I Don T Want You To Underestimate Your Failures Or Struggles Either They Re All Part Of The Story I M Telling But Neither Have I Underestimated My Determination Or Ability To Enter Both The Mess You Ve Made And The Pain You Feel, Then Turn Everything Around I Can, And I Will, Make Everything Good Again Never Underestimate Me Larry S Intimate Conversation With God Asks Deeply Honest Questions Such As God, What Is It You Wanted Me To See In Obadiah And What S Up With Leviticus Is There Anything There For Me This One Verse In Galatians Has Always Frustrated Me Why Is That The Way You Wrote Revelation Makes It Difficult To Understand Why Didn T You Just Describe What Will Happen In A Straightforward Way Listen To The Story Of God Unfold Through These Chapters, And You Ll Find Not Only His Redeeming Love But His Plan And Provision Designed Especially For You

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