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Insomnia Since His Wife Died, Ralph Roberts Has Been Having Trouble Sleeping Each Night He Wakes Up A Bit Earlier, Until He S Barely Sleeping At All During His Late Night Walks, He Observes Some Strange Things Going On In Derry, Maine He Sees Colored Ribbons Streaming From People S Heads, Two Strange Little Men Wandering Around Town After Dark, And He Begins To Suspect That These Visions Are Something Than Hallucinations Brought On By Lack Of Sleep.There S A Definite Mean Streak Running Through This Small New England City Underneath Its Ordinary Surface Awesome And Terrifying Forces Are At Work The Dying Has Been Going On In Derry For A Long, Long Time Now Ralph Is Part Of It And Lack Of Sleep Is The Least Of His Worries.Returning To The Same Maine Town Where It Took Place, A Town That Has Haunted Stephen King For Decades, Insomnia Blends King S Trademark Bone Chilling Realism With Supernatural Terror To Create Yet Another Masterpiece Of Suspense.

About the Author: Stephen King

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Insomnia book, this is one of the most wanted Stephen King author readers around the world.

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    If you find yourself with an afternoon to killread a magazine If, however, you need to occupy yourself on a voyage to Mars, pick up Insomnia It s long.It is, however, quite good Insomnia begins as Ralph Roberts, a pleasant, not too cantankerous gentleman in his 70s, watches his beloved wife taken from him by cancer Shortly after her death, he begins to experienc

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    This was an official Pantless group side read with those splendid cullys a big shout out to our newest member, baby Ryder of the Dark Tower Buddy read group and that was pretty much the only thing that got me through this labored read.This was a DNF the first time I tried to read it and it was almost a DNF the second time Yes, I madeprogress this time before I alm

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    It was life, often unsatisfying, frequently cruel, usually boring, sometimes beautiful, once in a while exhilarating Following the death of his wife, Ralph Roberts has trouble sleeping He finds himself waking up earlier and earlier each night During his late night vigils, he observes weird goings on in his hometown of Derry, Maine Pretty quickly he realises that the

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    This book is not for everyone For one its over 700 pages long Another reason is that it deals with what some people say is uncomfortable topics abortion, mental illness, domestic abuse and the afterlife and possible alternate worlds.Another reason why this book is unique and different from other books is that the hero is a regular joe who happens to be in his 70 s I l

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    Weird book.Remind me to never visit Derry Maine This setting of a number of Stephen King s novels is again center stage in this 1994 book about not sleeping and going crazy because of it.I was drawn to this title as I have struggled off and on with insomnia most of my life I wonder how many readers have stayed up all night reading, I know I have I remember a haze of yea

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    Prefatory Matters I lost a twenty year old book during this reread Most of you have the seen the picture of my gutted hardcover copy of Insomnia If you haven t I ll include it at the end of this post as well Total loss of containment, folks About thirty pages loosed themselves from the glue and became individual souls I have a 284 page section, and another section of abou

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    It s crazy I know I mean I am over three quarters of the way through this book but if I am being honest, the chances of my ever going back to finish it are just about nil.Why you may ask and I guess the answer would be that I was never truly invested in the story or it s characters In fairness it started out reasonably well and I did enjoy the camaraderie between Ralph and

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    A reread on the journey to the Dark TowerI read this a few years back and gave it a one star rating, I feel I may have been a bit harsh This book has a lot going for it and is quite important in the Stephen King universe The characters are great, it s nice to see older characters for a change and Ralph is awesome A unique concept with sprinklings of the Dark Tower throughout

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    I saw somewhere that Insomnia is considered by some to be one of King s problem books I m not sure what s meant by that tag, though for me the problem eventually would become that I didn t think of the book as a horror novel It started out strongly, with a likable 70 year old everyman, Ralph Roberts, adjusting to life without his beloved wife King s focus on aging and lonelines

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    I HATED it Extremely long winded and convoluted Horrible, absolutely horrible Probably his most pointless story ever.This is when I knew Stephen King had lost his awesome writing powers and I can t really bring myself to read him again Bad en...

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