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Capitalisme et Schizophrénie 1. L'anti-Œdipe like de loser and gua farty Fools rush inWhere Angels fear to tread The late, great philosopher Gilles Deleuze recorded a vast collection of acute personal insights in his lifetime But one particular observation just won t wash You ll see he was no fool, but he was EXTREME in his ways He lived totally ON THE EDGE.And if you do that you re apt to act precipitously And ill advisedly I think so Following a close reading of Nietzsche s oeuvre in his early years, he founded his own remarkable work on LIVING ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE FOLD That was to be his Final Answer.I guess you might term it life in the ULTRA Fast Lane What does it MEAN to us, exactly Well, if one of us makes a publicly embarrassing gaffe, we try to gloss it over as best we can That s a public FOLD.If we commit a private misstep, like reading nihilistic or spooky writing and then encountering an inner feeling of stark terror, we FOLD that over too That s an inner fold.We turn on all the lights or a favourite TV program Or if we re a believer, we say a fast prayer Either may work.Both are quite normal.But Deleuze, after reading Nietzsche, renounced ALL folds in his life, personal and public Like Jim Carrey.Talk about life on the edge FOR THE SAKE OF THE EDGE I wouldn t do it Would you It all seems like sheer folly for those of us who are older and wiser.And Anti Oedipus, being an early work, is innocently edgy and is full of jumping non sequiturs, like the early stages of mania It s novel and jarring, and hip too, I guess.But through all his nightmares Deleuze refused to learn from his mistakes, and I guess like Mick Jagger, living life totally in the Open, he believed he never really MADE any in the first place For he had trashed all his yardsticks.Back in the old days, folks would tell you to give your head a good shake if you said that They d just snicker at you.And what about his contention that psychological malaises have their origin in capitalism You know, a pop song a few years ago called our Western upwardly mobile highway the road to hell But that same world of money and power with its huge gulf between the have and have nots gave birth to a theology of Love in the soul of a simple Nazarene, who lived two millennia ago.And that theology has shown so many of us the necessity of sticking to the Main Street of Life, and not veering obliquely off the beaten path in pursuit of counter cultural creeds.Folks like Nietzsche and Deleuze can scream about the Death of God from the rooftopsBut we won t hear them, cause we re listening to His own very real voice speaking in our hearts Sure, this is an endlessly absorbing book.But it doesn t solve anything It s just a soapbox for a liberated young French philosopher.And besides, as his Mom must have told him on many a occasion, Deleuze n avait pas de bon sens When I was in England I joined an informal discussion group about this book The group included my advisor and his wife We read the first paragraph and his wife said, That paragraph is sexist My advisor swore at his wife, and then the discussion group was done. I ve actually had a copy of this book for several months, but, honestly, it keeps tossing me out around page 7 or so Like my mind shatters after about 7 pages of this I can t tell whether or not it is bullshit It seems like something is going on here that maybe I am not equipped to understand, almost like when I am trying to read a book in an antiquated form of French because my modern French isn t even very good This book is a little vortex, a little black hole that keeps pulling me back to it s place on the shelf, opening it up, and then utterly obliterating me before I can make it past the event horizon Don t know if I ll ever actually read this. I think people FEEL like they should give this book five stars but, unlike machines, they are not honest with themselves and feel compelled to rate it higher than it deserves 1968 drivel. One of my top few favorite books ever Wacky prose that hides its dense, educated side with unabashededly mindfucking disregard for s, academic humility, linearity It s or less a critique of the early Lacan s emphasis on the Oedipal complex and the way that emphasis typifies structural analysis in anthropology and psychology, which was trying to edge out philosophy in France at the time Of course, since it s Deleuze, it also has a vitalist, anti law, anti transcendence agenda Since it s Guattari, it has a radical political agenda vaguely Marxist and post Lacanian Both Reich s Mass Psych of Fascism and Sartre s Critique du Raison Dialectique influenced Deleuze s and Guattari s politics around this time, respectively The bleeding edge of intellectual radicalism in 68 French thought.NB Incomprehensible if you don t understand Kant, Hegel, at least some Lacan, Marx, and structuralist cultural anthropology from the 60s L vi Strauss I can t claim to know all those like the back of my hand, speaking as a philosophy grad student If you don t spend a lot of time reading and rereading philosophy, though, either skip this book and everything by Deleuze or don t expect to get much use out of it than a magic 8 ball, as another reviewer has written I m sure Deleuze would get a kick out of that, but it unfortunately characterizes all too much scholarship on his work and leads to the quick judgment of pop philosophy Read Difference Repetition or Empiricism and Subjectivity on Hume and get back to me on the pop philosophy update I m a lot less sanguine about DG s schizo analysis project than I was when I wrote the above Scintillating idea revolutionary project I d have to reread AO in detail to see how much I could salvage. Psychoanalysis was from the start, still is, and perhaps always will be a well constituted church and a form of treatment based on a set of beliefs that only the very faithful could adhere to, i.e., those who believe in a security that amounts to being lost in the herd and defined in terms of common and external goals.My review from 1994 would be gushing, one near febrile abuzz with the insights revealed in this suicide vest of a book My 2011 self appreciates the arsenal of metaphors and allusions established It also recognizes the limits of application of this in ordinary life That is the present project, no I mean we are living in some guise, whether or not as bodies without organs but we find ourselves trapped in associations both molar and molecular all the while feeling for stones in our pockets as we re prohibited from lounging on the turf outside. yo capitalism i have sunbeams coming out of my ass. A Major Work In The Development Of Critical Theory In The Late Th Century, ANTI OEDIPUS Is An Essential Text For Feminists, Literary Theorists, Social Scientists, Philosophers, And Other Interested In The Problems Of Contemporary Western Culture An Important Text In The Rethinking Of Sexuality And Sexual Politics Spurred By The Feminist And Gay Liberation Movements Margaret Cerullo, Hampshire College

About the Author: Gilles Deleuze

Deleuze is a key figure in postmodern French philosophy Considering himself an empiricist and a vitalist, his body of work, which rests upon concepts such as multiplicity, constructivism, difference and desire, stands at a substantial remove from the main traditions of 20th century Continental thought His thought locates him as an influential figure in present day considerations of society,

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