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Evelyn Ryan, Wife Of An Alcoholic Husband And Mother Of Ten Children, Lived In A Small Town In A Time And Place When Women Did Not Seek Jobs Outside The Home When Finances Ran Low, Feeling Desperate, She Turned To Her Parish Priest Who Suggested She Take In Laundry Ryan Had To Laugh At The Advice Because She Could Barely Keep Up With Her Own Family S Washing And Ironing A Lesser Woman Might Have Succumbed To Poverty, But She Was Determined To Keep Her Family Financially Afloat And To Teach Her Children That The Life Of The Mind Was Important In The Early 1950s, Ryan Started Entering Contests, Composing Her Jingles, Poems, And Essays At The Ironing Board She Won Household Appliances, Bikes, Watches, Clocks, And, Occasionally, Cash She Won A Freezer, And Several Weeks Later, She Won A Supermarket Shopping Spree When The Family Was Faced With Eviction, She Received A 5000 First Place Check From The Regional Western Auto Store Ryan S Unconventionality And Sense Of Humor Triumphed Over Poverty, And Her Persistence Makes The Reader Cheer Her On. The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio

About the Author: Terry Ryan

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio book, this is one of the most wanted Terry Ryan author readers around the world.

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    I feel like my review of this book can best be summed up in 25 words or less In Honor of Mrs Evelyn Ryan The rhymes too many The laughs too few.Glad that I read it,butglad I m through.

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    Mix together A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, or The Glass Castle for the drunken dad and the poverty and Cheaper by the Dozen or even our own home in Orem, Utah, in the 50 s, and you get the feel of this book Author Terry Ryan lived in my own era, and she captures it perfectly Hey, their family was evendeprived than we were And I remember entering those contests, where you complete a jingle in 25 words or less But I had no idea I was competing against wom

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    What I learned from this book is that you don t have to have a perfect life to be happy Evelyn Ryan chooses to be happy in spite of numerous trials and setbacks, which would turn someone like me into a bitter old woman Reading this book made me think that if she could raise her 10 children under her circumstances without regret, then maybe I can do a little better with my three kids, and keep apositive outlook I also love the writing in this book, both

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    4 starsThis is such a heartwarming story that I am surprised it has taken me until now to add it to my read shelves, let alone take the time to at least write a short review Perhaps it is because it was on loan for so long to family and friends Now that I actually have it in hand, all I need to do is flip through the pages, complete with black and white pictures of family members, contest entries and or rules, sometimes blank, sometimes completed with a t

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    I really enjoyed this nonfictional account of a 1950s stay at home mom of ten children who kept the family clothed and fed by winning slogan contests Her husband Kelly had a job at a machinery but drank away a big chunk of his paycheck a pint of whiskey and a six pack of beer every night , so Evelyn Ryan relied on her clever wit to compensate.The film based on the book is pretty true to the story What I like about the book, though which I read after seeing t

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    I don t want to mislead anyone I usually reserve five star ratings for books that are life changing and a profound reading experience, and this was neither But, try as I might, I couldn t come up with a good reason to take off a star and felt dishonest doing it simply to preserve a snooty image This family memoir was honest and revealing without being bitter, sweet and uplifting without being sentimental Like Cheaper by the Dozen, it was the story of a quirky b

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    Mom read a review of this book and one day went to the bookstore with several reviews and told the clerk she wanted all of them She hadn t read it yet I thoroughly enjoyed it, and kept quoting it the whole time I was there on vacation The author was number six of ten children born into an Irish Catholic family The father drank a large proportion of his already insufficient paycheck The mother, Evelyn Ryan, entered contests constantly to try to keep the family aflo

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    Kinda makes you wish they still had contests requiring skill, rather than the random drawings of modern sweepstakes I m pretty good with words I probably coulda won me some cool stuff.

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    This kind of story always makes me feel really feisty it s about the author s mother who overcame the disadvantages of an alcoholic husband and poverty to raise 10 children and then I realize, I am not living in poverty, and my husband is about as far from abusive as you can get So, I guess the real take home message is not to let your disadvantages define you, and to be the sort of person who gets out and does something about their problems rather than sit by and whine

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    What a great book I read this right after reading Eat, Pray, Love and you couldn t find twoopposite stories This story is about a woman who raises 10 children with her husbands meager income and her prize winnings from jingle contests She enters this c...

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